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SFWMD Invests in 19 Alternative Water Supply Projects; five in Broward

Projects will help reduce South Florida’s reliance on traditional freshwater sources

To continue protecting South Florida’s water resources, the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) Governing Board today approved the investment of $3.45 million in funding assistance for 19 alternative water supply projects across the region.

A complete list of the 19 approved projects is available here.

“Development of alternative water sources is an important part of meeting the needs of South Florida’s growing population, its businesses and our environment,” said SFWMD Governing Board Chairman Eric Buermann. “Investment in projects like these helps ensure a more reliable and sustainable supply of water for the region’s future.”

LEC-96 & 97 Wiles Road Reclaimed Water Line Extension: Phase I Sable Pines Park and Phase II Main Street Coconut Creek Broward Reclaimed 0.50 [a] 0.50 [a] $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $163,500
LEC-99 6 MGD Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant Davie Broward Brackish 0.00 6.00 $34,861,835 $11,117,710 $200,000
LEC-114 3.5 MGD Reclaimed Water Facility Davie Broward Reclaimed 0.00 3.50 $34,861,835 $699,960 $50,000
LEC-102 Reclaimed Water Distribution System Expansion: 148th Avenue Miramar Broward Reclaimed 1.20 [a] 1.63 [a] $2,587,000 $1,840,000 $147,200
LEC-103 Reclaimed Distribution System Expansion Service Area II: Southeast Pompano Beach Broward Reclaimed 0.10 [a] 0.10 [a] $354,000 $354,000 $57,900

When complete, the 19 projects collectively will create an additional 6.5 million gallons per day of water supply capacity. They also will improve distribution of water from existing alternative water supply facilities. The communities and utilities constructing the projects will invest a total of $40.8 million during Fiscal Year 2011.

Alternative water sources diversify South Florida’s water supply while reducing the region’s dependence on traditional freshwater resources and making communities less susceptible to drought impacts. Examples of alternative water supply include:

  • Saltwater and brackish water
  • Reclaimed water
  • Surface water captured during wet weather
  • Sources made available through new storage capacity
  • Stormwater (for consumptive use)
  • Other nontraditional sources

The District selected the current list of 19 projects for funding through the agency’s Alternative Water Supply Funding Program. Project proposals were evaluated based on several criteria, such as minimizing impact on existing water resources, reducing local competition for water and producing a high quantity of alternative water supply relative to project cost. In addition, the projects were required to be ready for construction during this fiscal year and must be consistent with existing regional water supply plans.

Since 1997, the Alternative Water Supply Funding Program, in cooperation with the State of Florida, has invested $178.3 million into 437 alternative water supply projects. To date, these projects have created 375 million gallons a day of water supply capacity, reducing reliance on freshwater sources.

Development of alternative water supplies is an important component of the District’s four regional water supply plans, which encompass the agency’s jurisdictional area. Updated every five years, each plan creates a framework for future water use decisions and identifies strategies to meet future water demands of urban and agricultural uses, while meeting the needs of the environment.

For more information on alternative water supplies, please visit the District’s Alternative Water Supply website.

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