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Broward News & Entertainment Today covers local events and news through photos, editorial and business news focused on Broward County. BrowardNET provides readers with a cutting edge local news source owned by a native Floridian, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale. BrowardNET knows Broward County and works hard every day to bring you the latest news. We are focused on local content, but also on supporting local businesses and helping them grow.

“BrowardNET evolved when, as a journalist, I realized the amount of news happening in Broward County far outpaced the news outlets I had available to place it all,” said Andrea Freygang, publisher of

BrowardNET believes readers should have access to information about the county we live in—news, events, photos, local links and information about local businesses. BrowardNET choses to be online only so that we can bring all the news to our readers we receive without worrying about space constraints.

Readers frequently visit BrowardNET because we provide the local content they are looking for online. With over 27,000 page views a month, BrowardNET also provides a powerful vehicle to business owners.

By combining the power of social networking, both online and in person, BrowardNET can help you market your business across formats such as (but not limited too) Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Craigslist.  By using these tools, along with search engine optimization and other online strategies to grow your business, BrowardNET can provide opportunities to help your web page ranking and drive traffic directly to your site.

Advertisers with BrowardNET not only get the opportunity to get featured in a professionally written business story, advertisers will also have many opportunities to share their news with BrowardNET readers. BrowardNET celebrates your milestones and achievements with our readers. We are focused on local content, but also on supporting local businesses and helping them grow.

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Andrea Freygang (publisher)

Adam Freygang

Rachel Galvin

Diane Ennen

Valerie Amor

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