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Red light cameras go live in August at 9 Fort Lauderdale lights

The City of Fort Lauderdale’s red-light photo-enforcement program will begin issuing Notices of Violation to red-light runners at designated intersections beginning August 8, 2010.   The cameras are being installed as part of the City’s effort to use technology to deter red light runners.

During a six-year period, between 2004 and 2009, traffic crashes occurring at signal controlled intersections in the City of Fort Lauderdale resulted in 26 fatalities. Red-light accidents often are among the worst because they generally involve vehicles crashing directly into the driver or passenger side of another vehicle at high speeds.

The photo-enforcement cameras are scheduled for installation at the following intersections:

  • N. Federal Highway at N.E. 8th Street
  • N.E. 15th Avenue at E. Sunrise Boulevard
  • S.R. 84 at S.W. 9th Avenue
  • W. Sunrise Boulevard at N.W. 15th Avenue
  • W. Commercial Boulevard at N.W. 21st Avenue
  • S. Federal Highway at S.R. 84
  • N.W. 62nd Street at N.W. 9th Avenue
  • W. Commercial Boulevard at N.W. 9th Avenue
  • N.W. 62nd Street at N.W. 31st Avenue

Cameras will operate 24-hours a day and capture images of every vehicle running a red light at the intersection. Warning signs will alert drivers to the red-light cameras.

The Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Program was passed by the Florida Legislature and approved by the Governor on May 13, 2010.  The new law, effective July 1, 2010, includes the following components:

  • Authorizes the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, a county, or a municipality to use a traffic infraction detector to identify a motor vehicle that fails to stop at a traffic control signal steady red light;
  • Requires authorization of a traffic infraction enforcement officer to issue and enforce a citation for such violation;
  • Establishes a fine of $158 for a violation of s. 316.074(1) or s. 316.075(1)(c)1 when a driver has failed to stop at a traffic signal if enforcement is by a county or municipal traffic infraction enforcement officer;
  • Requires notification to be sent to the registered owner of the motor vehicle involved in the violation;
  • A county or municipality may use traffic infraction detectors to enforce Florida State Statutes 316.074(1) or 316.075(1)(c)1 when a driver fails to stop at a traffic signal on streets and highways under their jurisdiction under state statute 316.0083.
  • The owner of the motor vehicle involved in the violation is responsible and liable for paying the uniform traffic citation issued for a violation of s. 316.074(1) or s.316.075(1)(c)1 when the driver failed to stop at a traffic signal, unless the owner can establish the following:

    a. The motor vehicle passed through the intersection in order to yield right-of-way to an emergency vehicle or as part of a funeral procession;

    b. The motor vehicle passed through the intersection at the direction of a law enforcement officer;

    c. The motor vehicle was, at the time of the violation, in the care, custody, or control of another person; or,

    d. A uniform traffic citation was issued by a law enforcement officer to the driver of the motor vehicle for the alleged violation of s. 316.074(1) or s.316.075(1)(c)1.

American Traffic Solutions, Inc., was contracted by the City of Fort Lauderdale to administer the program. Each violation will be reviewed and approved by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department prior to a citation being issued.

For more information about the red-light enforcement program, visit

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3 Comments for “Red light cameras go live in August at 9 Fort Lauderdale lights”

  1. Michael Crecco

    Your new camera’s will probably cause more rear end accidents at the intersections than currently. I hope you will take resonsibility
    and pay the damages since you are the cause.

  2. Mac

    Thse red light cameras are NOT being installed as “part of an effort to deter red light runners.” The ONLY reason cities and towns are falling all over themselves to install them is for the large amunts of revenue they generate. It is well known that where these cameras are installed, the yellow lights are SHORTENED so that they catch more people running the light (to generate revenue). It is also asserted that these lights CAUSE more accidents than they deter red light running because once people become aware of the cameras, they slam on thier brakes when the light turn yellow, stopping short and making cars behind them plow into the back of the car that stopped short to avoid the red light ticket.

  3. cody

    I agree with the comments above its not about being safe its revenue,the people need to stand up against big brother after all its your tax dollars being wasted.Whatever happened to being able to FACE your accuser in a court of law,how can you face a camera in court,maybe people should start shooting them out with rifles, thats what happened in california,in most places now they dont even bother to reinstall them.PISS on red light cameras.


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