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Head to Bluster’s Friday for humorous live sitcom: Shani Talk show

Actors Eric Cheri, Cassandra Burton and Adam Ciesielski bring on the laughs as part of the Shani Talk Show at Bluster's Bar in Hollywood.

Sex and relationships…..definitely what most people are interested in talking about….at least on a recent live talk show/sitcom hosted by Shani Louis in Hollywood. Sassy, smart funny, Shani leads the crowd on a humorous journey through sex and relationships, with a little help from her friends.

Once a month, Shani hosts the show at Blusters at the edge of Downtown Hollywood. The intimate setting is perfectly setup to combine music, humor and interaction with guests watching the live show unfold. Last month’s topic was sex and relationships as Monty, who is the resident playboy at the gym where he works, debates the ethics of sleeping with the women, married or not, as extracurricular activities.

Initially he arrives on Shani’s couch to talk about his problems, but then ends up at the “bar” with friends where the audience is led on a raucous comedy ride led by the actors on the live show, with momentary pauses that allow Shani to interject thoughts and engage with the audience.  Monty even gets a visit by Steve the sex therapist to try and help him. Shani also

Shani, host of Shani Talk show, with Steve the sex therapist.

talks about what couples can do to improve their sex lives, since many couples come to Steve on the brink of divorce.

Sex toys anyone?

Seriously, though, Shani, who hails from New York where she originally started doing live sitcoms purely by accident. When she came to South Florida, she was itching to get a show going and began testing out venues for the perfect site before settling on the intimate Bluster’s  Bar (drinks are fabulous and strong) at 2115 N. 21 Ave., Hollywood.

Once a month, Shani, and her cast (learn more about them here: bring out the laughter and fun while touching on serious topics at the same time.

The crowd inside Bluster's Bar in Hollywood, FL.

In addition, though, Shani takes her acting/directing skills to the next level by giving back to her community. Her next project will work with students at Hallandale High School, creating a group that will talk about their own lives and create a sitcom, with the hopes that these students will feel more empowered and better about themselves while having fun.

Check Shani out this Friday, June 18, 8 p.m.,  at Bluster’s and have a blast as this uncensored show looks “Both Ways” this week.  “Brooke” has to do a huge story on “antigays”and it makes her angry because no one know she is bisexual.  Writing this story goes against everything she believes in.

Come sit on Shani’s couch and find out what she does. $25 cover charge to get in, but the fun is definitely worth it. Learn more at

The Shanitown band jammin' before the show!

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