Benefits Of ShowBox

Technological advancements have indeed changed the way of our day to day life, making it easy for us to do things. It has led to the emergence and popularity of varying devices that aid in completing our daily tasks comfortably and efficiently such as Smartphones and Tablets. These devices have provided us with new means of shopping, communication as well as entertainment. With the internet easily accessible through these devices, you can easily access varying services or buy products at the comfort of your home with just a single click. This is however largely attributable to the revolutionary mobile apps such as ShowBox, that can allow you to download and watch your favorite movies or TV shows at the comfort of your home. All you need is your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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ShowBox is an android App that gives you the liberty to download and watch the latest TV shows and movies for free online. The App is exceptionally designed with great features to allow you to stream the latest movies and shows of your choice hassle-free. You can therefore keep track of the latest episodes of a show that you missed by just searching it on the app. The concept behind the ShowBox app is simple with an exceptionally designed interface to engage users while streaming or watching movies and TV shows. ShowBox brings along a number of benefits which include;

No registration

It is unlikely to download anything for free without filling an online form. However, this is the case with ShowBox as all you need is to download the app and immediately begin searching for the shows or movies you would like to watch.

Cost free

It is absolutely free to download ShowBox and it does not have any hidden charges like other movie apps available. In addition to being free, it also alleviates the burden of using large screens or Netflix to watch the latest shows. This is in addition to being password protected such that, if you forget your password you can always check the recovery option in your email.

Ease of use

The app is easy to use as it does not have any complicated features. It has a search button that makes it easier for you to search for your favorite movie or show. Once you type the name of the movie or television show you want to watch on the search space, the results will include a variety of episodes that you can choose from, hence making it easy to select the specific episode you want to watch or download.

Quick and easy download

Downloading ShowBox is quite fast and easy as compared to some other apps that are hard and tedious to download. The download and installation process takes only a few minutes.



ShowBox updates its users with information regarding certain movies. For instance, if you want to instantly get the latest episode of your favorite series immediately it’s released, ShowBox will notify you immediately when the episode is released allowing you to download it in an instant.


Enjoy Free Movies and TV shows with Showbox

Smartphones and tablets are by far the most popular gadgets in the world. Billions of people use these portable devices to stay connected with friends and families, play games, and access the Internet for news and information. Fast 3G and 4g Internet connections allow your phone or tablet to be online wherever you may be – at work or at play.

While you can enjoy social media websites, news and most popular games for free – trying to watch the latest movies and TV shows is still very costly and difficult for mobile device users.

Many people attempt to transfer huge video files of movies and TV shows to their phones from their PCs or laptops. But this requires lots of time and patience as first you have to search for movies or TV shows on the Internet and then download these huge files to your desktop, laptop or Mac system. Then, these massive video files have to be transferred to your phone or tablet over very slow Wifi or Bluetooth connections.

Even after you download movie or TV show files and transfer them to your smartphone or tablet, your viewing choice remains very limited when you are not at home or work as you cannot watch a different movie or TV show if your mood changes. Using PC or laptop for searching, downloading and transferring the files makes you dependent on your home or work Internet connections.

Easy Access Through Showbox

Showbox app is an easy solution for people who want to enjoy their favorite TV shows or the latest movies on their smartphones and tablets while on the go. Showbox is an elegant app for Android as well as many other mobile and desktop platforms that makes it very easy to search and download HD quality movies and TV shows from the Internet on your mobile phone or tablet.

On opening Showbox, you can easily see a list of latest movies and TV shows that are available on the Internet. Users can then choose to either start watching the selected movie or TV show episode right away through streaming or they can choose to download the video file on their device. This way you can add the video to your personal collection and easily watch it later offline.

Showbox has a clean and intuitive interface that gives the users access to the app’s all features as well as information about the movies and TV shows with minimal taps.

Streaming Support

A handy feature of Showbox is its capability to stream videos to a big screen – such as that of a smart TV – over Wifi using Chromecast. Chromecast devices can be directly plugged into the HDMI ports of TVs or desktop monitors. Chromecast devices then link with your phone or tablet over Wifi and display videos streamed or downloaded by the Showbox app on your TV or desktop monitor.

Installation Process

As Showbox is not available for download on Google Play, the official app marketplace for Android devices, it is instead installed by directly downloading the app file from the developer’s site Showbox UK website and installing it on your Android smartphone or tablet by sideloading.

Showbox app is also available for Kindle Fire tablets, Blackberry devices as well as PC (Windows OS) and Mac devices.
Showbox is a must-have app for making best use of the advanced media playback capabilities of your smartphone or tablet by getting free access to latest HD movies and TV shows available on the Internet.