Understanding How Carrageenan Helps

Carrageenan has been used as a food thickening agent for a very long time. It is extracted from seaweed that is found in Asian countries and it is highly popular across the world. If you’re wondering what the Carrageenan side effects are, then you need to know that the pure form of Carrageenan has no known side effects. The reason this substance has been in question in recent times is because a number of food industries began combining Carrageenan along with some cheap chemicals and fillers in order to cut down on costs. While Carrageenan is not harmful, these chemicals are. carrageenan-title

Carrageenan is a natural substance that has an FDA approval which confirms it is safe to consume. It is popular in various products and honest food industries understand the importance of using pure Carrageenan. If you’re still not sure about the quality of Carrageenan that has gone into a particular food product, always check the label. This will help you to get an idea about the various ingredients and substances added.  Carrageenan when in its pure form can be highly beneficial to the body. It is a well known laxative and is also known to aid a number of digestive problems.carrageenan-fb-meme

Carrageenan comes with a number of benefits that are simply unheard of when it comes to other food ingredients. Carrageenan is considered one of the best stabilizers of nature. Carrageenan improves the taste of food in addition to improving the texture, physical appearance and structure of the food. In other words Carrageenan makes food look a lot more appetizing while making it low on calorie, sugar, salt and fat content. Carrageenan works wonders when mixed with the food.

It suspends all the chocolate in chocolate milk. It creates a wonderful creamy texture when mixed with low fat yoghurt. It enables lunch meat to stay fresh and moist longer. It also protects and extends the nutritional value in any food. Various regulatory bodies around the world have recognized Carrageenan as a natural and extremely safe food ingredient. Carrageenan is non GMO and can be used in organic products as well. Carrageenan is gluten free and does not contain any kind of animal fats as well. Carrageenan has also been approved for kosher, halal and vegetarian diets. Carrageenan has a number of benefits that makes everyone wonder why it has not been used more often in our daily diet.


What are the Popular Techniques of Dark Spot Removers?

Everyone desire skin that is radiantly gorgeous and healthy. Clear skin will reveal the world that we are free from illness and infection. Wrinkles, scars, brown spot, Dark spots, and even colored spots will look like we goes through our lives, whether we like it or not. And there is the embarrassment of dark spots’ patient to be seen with unequal color on their skin like brown or dark spots which likewise show their general skin health. These skin issues can be undesirable to the mind like a thorn in the flesh; particularly to those who have to deal with them every day. skin-doctor-dark-spot-remover-soap-imperus-bd-cos-002-bipony-com_-bd_

All is not lost to those who wish to get rid of dark spot as there are dark spot removers services to these skin issues. The following techniques will assist you choose best treatment for your skin lightening issues if you are uninformed of these skin treatments.

Remedies that are homemadeface-care-remove-dark-spots-acne-scar-removal-cream-acne-spots-treatment-stretch-markswhitening-remove-acne

Skin bleaching does not have to costly. And it does not have to be chemically produced. Organic components like fruits, fungi and greenery can be used to lighten skin staining and fade those skin dark spot or hyperpigmentation scars. You can buy these components personally from boutique or perhaps harvest from your very own garden. These are natural produces and are devoid of adverse effects.

Whitening techniques

There are a great deal of items which can do skin whitening like dark spot creams, skin fading creams, skin whitening creams, and so on. The dishes for each items and brand names are different in concentration and the danger elements. The efficiency of these lightening creams differ with time and rate competitiveness. The active components like AHA and Hydroquinone are simply a few of them and there are even items that uses natural acids or extracts from organics like fruits.


Why do Medical Practitioners take Botox Training Courses

Going to Botox training courses can altogether help both footfall and wage at your center or practice by including a scope of extra medications that are progressively sought after. Botox Workshop offers Botox preparing for medical attendants, specialists, and dental specialists. These courses are intended to help delegates ace their abilities in facial feel, implying that they are completely prepared to begin offering medicines when their course is finished.  The Botox preparing for medical caretakers provided by Botox Workshop comes as perceived instructional classes. These workshops cover the ranges that patients most every now and again ask for when searching for facial style techniques – brow lines, grimace lines, and crow’s feet around the eyes. images_q=tbn_ANd9GcTFVgH6wQLHZHSiFd_ZtAdDx6Yjjdsrz2W4U_DHUzFaQqEflBUk

Facial style medicines have high overall revenues, and can give a huge support to your business by giving an extra salary stream. They are many doctors who are not just talented facial aestheticians, but likewise sharp and powerful advertisers – both of these abilities are vital to building up a fruitful style business, and the Botox training courses should have insight in both of these territories.  In the wake of going to Botox training courses, you will be completely bolstered as far as creating and showcasing your business. You will likewise have the chance to audit your patient (whom we give) after a fortnight.harley-street-training-programmes

By going to one of the Botox Workshop’s courses attendants can take in the exceptional specialty of infusion conveyance to make comes about that will look both characteristic and excellent. Usually, these courses happen around on the weekends. Therefore, you don’t have to stress about leaving the work and taking classes exclusively. You can follow with the routine of your’s in the weekdays and attend the classes on the weekends for this.

To go to one of the Botox Training Club’s Botox training courses you must be:

  1. An NMC enrolled medical attendant
  2. A GDC registered dental practitioner
  3. A GMC registered specialist or authority.

These Botox training courses are ultimately authorized for protection purposes, and will give you 6.5 hours of undeniable proceeding with expert improvement (CPD) through essential and propelled courses. You will likewise be fabricated methodologies to expand your business’ benefits with the much famous 9-Step Blueprint for Increased Profits in your Facial Esthetics business.  The Botox Training Club was designed after effectively making the move from GDP to focussing only on facial style medications. It is sure that by going to Botox training courses different GDPs, specialists, and attendants can likewise go all the way and add facial feel medications to their list, with the decision of focussing only on the style side of the business a plausibility for everybody.

Botox courses for dental practitioners can be a critical aid to any restorative dental practice. An expanding number of men and ladies understand the advantages of including facial feel medicines as the ideal supplement to therapeutic dental strategies. A dental specialist who has helped them to accomplish the grin they had always wanted is frequently seen as the perfect individual to go to for Botox or dermal fillers. The state of mind is straightforward: if the course goes from GDP to exclusively concentrating on facial feel, you can, as well, if you so wish. Therefore, it is recommended to you by a medical practitioner to attend the Botox training courses to enhance your treatment and get the best results out for the patients so that you can not only grow the business but build fame that goes in word-to-mouth advertising as well. What are you waiting for? Schedule your weekend right now with a best Botox training course around your place which is only a click away and take one more step towards the advancement.


What You Can Get With The Workers Compensation Program

When working, you are able to receive many benefits. But sometimes, your line of work may be an intense one, especially for those who work in the physical aspects of the job. Not only can it be difficult, it can also be dangerous! Sometimes it can get to the point where you get hurt and end up needing medical attention. This calls for a hefty bill you may not be able to afford, as well as taking sick leaves that may end up with you not being able to earn money for you and your family. But there is no need to worry about compensation and seeking support for medical needs, as the Department of Labor will be able to help you with that.

The Workers Compensation Program

This was created by the Department of Labor to ensure workers who suffer from injuries that they will be compensated by the company they work for in case they sustain any accidents while at work. This is to ensure that the worker will be able to fully recover with the proper medical care while still being able to provide funds for him and his family.


It’s very important to be knowledgeable about the Workers Compensation Program, especially those workers who have physical jobs that may be dangerous. This is so that you will know what to do and what your rights are against the company in order to be fully compensated for the medical care you need, as well as the ability to get pay while recovering.

Can You Choose Your Dallas DOL Doctor?

When you are suffering from a work-related injury, then you have rights. One of these rights is the ability to choose the physician or doctor you need. If you want the best Dallas DOL doctor, then you will be able to get him as long as he is a DOL doctor. While your agency may force or prompt you to choose a certain Dallas DOL doctor, you will still have the right to refuse and choose another one that you think is best suitable for you.

More Medical Benefits


Not only are you able to choose your Dallas DOL doctor, but you have other rights as well, including compensation while you are out of work. You are given a paid leave that should not exceed 45 days or the amount of sick and annual leaves you get. If ever you think it will take longer than the allotted time, then you will need to ask for a paid or sick leave, or negotiate with your company regarding those things. You also get compensation if you have a permanent injury, such as 160 weeks if your incur loss of eyesight, or depending on the body part affected. If you are permanently injured and unable to work, you are given an allowance of no more than $200 a month.

These benefits are important to read up on so you know what you can claim if you do get injured during work.


Insights Into Failed Pregnancies

When one has made preparations and are all set to conceive, you actually cannot wait for it to happen. Well getting too impatient and losing sleep over it is not the solution to it. As we all know good things of course take time to happen. There are more than the obvious reasons that should be taken into consideration to maximize the chances of getting pregnant with your partner.

Seeking medical advice and help is always the wisest thing to do. Proper checkups and advices should always be entertained. One has to learn and get all doubts cleared by a proper gynecologist with him or her focusing on the food intake and to check that you are devoid of medical discrepancies. If there are any medical problems they need to be cured or brought under medication before you conceive. So non riesco a rimanere incinta?

Every woman has her own cycle so you need to individually understand your cycle. It is quite known to all that the ovulation period is the optimum period to conceive. There are scores of such ovulation aids in the stores that tell you the right time to become pregnant by your partner. Where you will find most of the people advising certain sex positions to be the most important factors to a successful pregnancy but there is no real scientific fact to agree upon this. This is a very debatable topic as it varies from individual to individual and couples to couples and is a prime question of privacy and comfort. Well having said that, you should not be having sex all the time just because you have to get pregnant. This harms your man’s sperm count too and his ejaculation power. It is always good to take time and space your togetherness.

The underlying reasons


There are many reasons why one cannot get pregnant despite having many tries over a long period of time. Maybe your doctor is reporting everything to be normal and fine and yet he or she cannot give you the answer to why you are having failed pregnancies yet. There are many answers to that, some of which are stress, weight issues etc. Stress: Your family or friends may have been putting a certain amount of expectation on your shoulders of wanting to meet their new family member. It may seem like a usual idea and expectation of every family member and friends of newly-married, but it is a kind of a pressure that you get from the society; and this acts as a stressor.

After many researches on the impact of stress on pregnancy, it was found that stress had a negative correlation with pregnancy: that is, the more the stress, the lesser the chances of getting pregnant. Stressors often mess with our brains, making them function less appropriately and hence, also misbalancing the quotient of hormones and other chemicals inside the body which help a woman in conceiving the baby.

Solution: Practice meditation and try to keep control over yourself and your emotions. Stress can take a heavy toll on your health, even when they are good stresses. Being mentally exhausted will also make you physically exhausted because your mental state of being will not be the way it is supposed to be. Tell your parents, family members, relatives and friends that you are not ready yet (if it is so) or the honest reason why you are not getting pregnant. You should learn to say no to the outside pressure, which may not even seem like a pressure at all. You should always consider your needs, wants and expectations over that of the society’s.


Weight issues:

While many people dismiss it to be nothing but a hoax, it is actually true that an undernourished or overweight woman will have difficulty in conceiving.
While an undernourished female may have problems in being fertile (by reduction in the number of “eggs” released by the body) an overweight woman will have problems with less chances of fertilization.

If you are suffering from any other health issues like diabetes, the likelihood of you getting to be a mother becomes all the more problematic. It is not uncommon for the women suffering from weight issues to complain about their infertility.


Exercise regularly and maintain a good and planned diet. Visit your nutritionist regularly and get updates on your improvement.
Lose the excess weight, but by healthy means; and gain those extra pounds by eating more proteins. Refrain from taking any kind of weight reducing or increasing medicine or pills which are commonly available in the market today. If anyone tries to sell them to you, you know you have to run miles away from them.

Sleep deprivation:

Sounds like an unharmful little matter, but it can cause you a lot of stress. We mean it. A lot of things go messy and haywire when you are stressed and not getting adequate amount of sleep. Less number of sleeping hours effects more than just your mood and activities. It can confuse your body, which will cause a dysfunction in the regular and timely release of the required chemicals and hormones inside your body.

You immune system can become weak if your sleep hours are not regulated and controlled. And do you know what happens when your immunity goes low? You become more prone to infections and diseases. This is the reason it is essential to keep yourself and your body happy and feel relaxed at all times if you want to get pregnant.

Not only you ladies, but if you see your man being under a lot of stress lately, and not getting enough hours of sleep, it could also lead to reduction in fertility of the sperms. So it is always better to head to your doctor’s chamber before making assumptions. Get yourself and your husband thoroughly checked and follow the advice of your doctor-cum-guide.



Medication and regular exercise. Monitoring your sleeping hours and time should also do the trick. Again, stay away from any kind of drugs and medicines that put you off to sleep.


Achieving That Dream Body For Life

The struggle to lose weight has been haunting many women, young and old alike for many years now. Women have tried restrictive diets, working out beyond what their bodies can take and even have tried medical procedures. They may have lost some pounds in doing so but realistically if they are unable to change their lifestyle they relapse back to the weight they started with. All the hard work done would have been all a waste. Thankfully we have access to weight loss programs like Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide which aims for the long term effects. Kayla Itsines reviews have been great and many women have sworn by it and have experienced their lives transform.002_maxresdefault Think Of The Long Term

Most of the time once the weight loss program has ended people would have the tendency to go back to the way they live their lives before. You would have this incredible body at the end but because perhaps due to your eating habits or maybe lack of exercise or in some cases the combination of both would lead to you gaining back the weight you lost. With Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide people do not only lose weight but they are able to learn how to go about having a healthier fitter lifestyle which they can sustain for the long term. Even after you have completed the guided program you can keep on track of your new lifestyle which of course would have wondrous effects on the body as well as the fact that you’ll be looking real good.


Helpful And Effective

The Bikini Body Guide incorporates both a work out routine as well as a healthy diet meal plan to help the user get the desired result. You can’t do away with the other and just stick to either the diet plan or the work out routine. In order for the best results to be achieved it is advisable to train the muscles while also getting the right nutrients into the body. There is no need to worry that the routines in the guide will be too difficult. Those that have used it themselves have said it’s easy enough for beginners to follow. More experienced exercisers are assured as well that though the routines may be easy it will still get their heart’s racing and muscles worked. As for the healthy dietary meals, the guide offers an array of recipes as well as helpful information.


Make your body fit with iHerb products

There are many online retailers available in the market to supply the products. But when it comes for the health related products, it is very important to take the correct decision and choose only the retailers who are trusted.0qb50batl2lgx5v0xygv

Today you will get to know about the brand that is well organized as well as trusted in the field of health products. Yes, we are talking of none other than iHerb. iHerb is an online retailer which is situated in the city of Perris in California. This is a retailer company which supplies the protein as well as vitamin supplements online. It sells over 30,000 such well developed products.001_iherb

iHerb has won many awards in the online retail market. Business Insider had included iHerb in the list of the ten top online retailers of the world in the year 2015. It is the supplier of many natural products, vitamin product, herbs and other supplements.

The company was established in the year 1996 with the aim of providing materials that are best in quality. It has the mission to become an online retailer who provides the best value which is overall done with the help of products which are healthier for the customers. It is a US based company which operates it business in the whole world. There are wide ranges of products available including household products, kid’s product, pet foods and other natural products.

There are many iherb promo code is available at iHerb which offers many discounts of up to some dollars on all the available products. There is free shipping available for the bigger orders up to 4o and 50 dollars.

From the year of its development, company has been growing instantly and its size has been tripled till now. Because of this many new set ups had been made up by the company till now and many major warehouses are also established in different parts of United States. The company is famous for providing quality service to its customers. The products used in iHerb are totally free from gluten mixed products. Thus, they cause no harm to the body and make the body fit.

The major brands of iHerb include:

  • Stevita
  • Genuine health
  • Attitude concentrates

You can easily buy the iHerb products online. Also, the iHerb coupon code can be applied at the time you are making checkout and you will get the available discount.  One of the best features of iHerb is that you will get the information in detail about the product you are opting to buy. Also, tips related to it are mentioned clearly. This feature makes the company unique because all other retailer brands are just showcasing their products with no detailing about them.

Many eco friendly steps have been taken by the company towards the nature as well. The shipments done by the company are in carbon neutral form. So, iHerb is real trusted and authorized brand to buy the products and you must go for it.


UK’s Cheapest Dental Implants

The United Kingdom may be one of the countries with the highest standard of living. There are high prices for just about everything; food, clothes, houses, and especially health care. So, where is the dental implants UK cheapest at?dental-implants_clip_image002 DSC_1042-1024x6851

Ah yes, dental hygiene and care, one of the most crucial type of hygiene. How important is it, you ask? Well if you have damaged teeth then you can’t really display that award winning smile, you won’t be able to eat properly and people can easily see it. Not only that, but damaged teeth are big factors that contribute to bad breath. No one likes bad breath, not even the ones who have it! How can you talk to other people properly? How can you kiss the person you like? How will you be care free and confident in front of other people?

Dental Implants

Okay, so don’t dental implants with dental pasta and tooth extraction. Dental implants are very different from that, they have the similarities of the sun and the moon. Basically when it comes to dental implants, the dentist creates an artificial tooth root. The tooth root is created and processed in your jaw, the artificial tooth root hold the replacement tooth or the replacement bridge. Dental implants are pretty permanent and they are an option chosen by people who have missing teeth due to accidents, periodontal disease, some form of injury or any other reason that opted for them to get dental implants.

How Costly are Dental Implants?

As you can imagine, performing dental implants is not an easy procedure; if you think braces are costly enough for teeth, think again. Basically if you want ONE dental implant in the United Kingdom, then you need to be ready to spend somewhere from £3,000 to £5,000. You’re eyes are working just fine, you read the right amount, that’s the price for EACH dental implant you want to get.

Where Can I Find the Cheapest?

It makes a lot of sense that you would want to find the clinics that offer the dental implants with the most reasonable price in the UK. Here are some of our suggestions:

Gentle Dental Care

Gentle Dental Care offers great services with exceptional staff. Also, their dental equipments, like x-rays and dental CT scans are up to date. Their exact address is 55 Henver Road, you can even contact them through their website if you have more questions. Of course they offer more dental care than just dental implants, but we’re here to concentrate on the dental implants. I’m going to give you a quick peek at their updated price list below

  • First consultation and intra-oral radiographs £75.00
  • Additional radiographs may include either 3 Dimensional scanning from £150.00 or OPG radiograph (both available at the practice) £45.00
  • Single tooth implant £2200.00
  • Single tooth implant with aesthetic requirements £2705.00
  • 3 unit cement retained bridge following a two stage surgical procedure £4650.00
  • Lower denture retained on 2 implants £3622.00
  • Bone grafting procedure at the time of implant placement £450.00
  • Bone grafting procedure with pin fixation £850.00
  • Ridge preservation grafting procedure following extraction using bone and membrane of animal origin from £450.00
  • Sinus grafting from £450.00

As you can clearly see, the prices and the procedures depend on the case; no two people have the exact same needs when health is involved. But as you noticed, the prices are significantly more reasonable when compared with other dental clinics. You might not find any clinic that’s cheaper than Gentle Dental Care. Give them a try! It’s good to have a million dollar smile!


By Doing Buddhist Guided Meditation: One Can Achieve Happiness And Peace

Buddhist guided meditations suggests the following rules to be followed for the perfect meditation to just happen. they are as follows: first and foremost thing is that one should sit straight with all comfort without bending back or front or not even looking left or right. Then what should be done is the person has to close his/her eyes and go into a state where he /she can think of thoughts are desperately of good will. Isn’t it a good sign of meditation if one could go into deep thinking without getting stressed of outer world? What that states is that, if one could think of himself or herself of good will and if the same person could think of their own happiness it is proven that then the same person can do anything for other without any selfishness and would surely pray for others happiness without any selfishness as well. Always one has to remember that the happiness does not come from other place rather it always gets generated from the innerness of the being.

And also remember that it is always at a far distance from the selfishness kind of attitude. So just be yourself and love yourself so that you can love others without any selfishness. In fact what is written in Buddhist guided meditation is that if could do the same within themselves then they could definitely for others. Those kinds of people will never be with an attitude to drag something from someone else or their self-happiness.


So now here comes the point where we should actually focus on. So here is the way how you can do the same. Firstly you should spread happiness to the people whom you like the most like your parents your family your friends and your most lovable ones. With the same they may find true happiness with being with you. That’s again a very good character in the person for which many people are in search of. And you know what the people who find true happiness being with you will actually spread the same news in your circle as well as their circles with a very wide and broad mind that will surely give u a positive hope in life to move ahead.

It is simple said that it is going to be very motivational in your life and circles in the sense the people you may know you may not know you may like or you may not like you may love or you may not love and people with whom you are neutral even with those people who don’t like will get inspired by you. And one more thing one has to keep in mind is that you should ever get influenced by those kinds of thoughts that are insistently posed on you by the ones who hate you from the bottom of their heart. And now it’s time to spread the happiness for those who even don’t know them and also not only those people, you should also start spreading good will and happiness with all those living beings all over the world in whatever the direction may be and whatever the state those being may be in. Just let them find true happiness too.


Do one thing; take a deep breath as comfortable as you can feel it. Never get out of your comfort zone unless it is very keenly and most importantly has to be implemented. Suppose that you are thinking for the way how can you spread happiness of your own with others and here comes into existence the pathetical and concrete level of learning on how to do the same. One of the learning method is that do an experiment to check on which breathing level actually suits you the best and that’s the best way for sure. And the kind of breathe may be a long one or short breath I mean the way in which you are comfortable with.

And the last thing to be kept in mind is that how to leave the meditation. Remember that is also a skill that has to mandatorily learn to perfectly leave the meditation. This is perfectly explained by the Buddhist guided meditation.


Answering The Is Carrageenan Bad? Question

Carrageenan is a fibre extracted from red seaweeds. It is a water soluble fibre found abduntly in the nature specially in the oceanic region and the coastal. They are low cost easily available affordable fibres primarily used as a binding agent. Carrageenan production provides an essential livelihood for the sea-farming peasant community who cultivate seaweeds to manufacture carrageenan. This fibre stabilizes beverages and food. It also enhances the texture of it. Hence, it is of extreme importance for the food and beverage industry. Carrageenan is often regarded as a vegan alternative for gelatin. It is used in place of gelatin and as a preservative and food additive. This is a relatively new product, hence there are apprehensions regarding its health promoting qualities. The most often asked question regarding  this matter is – IS CARRAGEENAN BAD?

Answering the question

The answer to this question lies in its efficiency and the recommendation of the scientific community. It is an effective preservative for food and beverages as certified by US Food and Drug Administration, the European Union, Food Additive body of WHO, Food Standard Australia and NewZealand and Health Canada. Nutritionists, Dieticians and Scientists swear by its efficacy. They recommend it over other preservatives and food additives. According to WHO it is the best available food additive which doesn’t possess the list bit of side effects. Even the most vulnerable class of people new borns and infants remain unharmed by it. Another potential area of concern is carcinogenicity. Whenever, a new product comes into the market people are suspicious of it.

Due to the cancer pre-disposition of some foods carcinogenicity is a major concern. Carrageenan isn’t a carcinogenic product. According to the International Agency of Research on Cancer , Carrageenan have no carcinogenic property. It isn’t harmful for the digestive system or our gastro-intestinal system. Hence, consumption of this food additive doesn’t lead to any stomach or intestinal problems. In addition to this, carrageenan isn’t associated with inflammation. Thus carrageenan is essentially a healthy compound.


Utility of Carrageenan

The effectiveness of carrageenan lies in its versatility. Though required in a small quantity it can affect the quality of food and beverages. Hence, lies its utility over other preservatives. It plays a variety of role as a food preservative. It is used as a thickener for low fat foods, as a stabilizer which maintains the consistency of drinks. It can enhance the moisture retaining capacity of food and thus help in keeping food moist. It acts as a gelling agent for desserts. It is widely used as a preservative which enhances the self-life of products. Its water retaining capacity and fat and salt content reducing effect is responsible.

Thus, it increases the self-life and retains tenderness of meat products. Its low fat content and low calorie helps in the dairy industry for the preservation of yogurts, cheese and other products. Carrageenan’s thickening property makes it the viable option as a preservative for dairy products. It doesn’t hamper the texture of the food and retains the low calorie content. When used as a preservative in jams and jellies it reduces the sugar content of these products. This doesn’t hamper their creamy texture. In non –dairy products like soy milk carrageenan enhances the product quality by stabilizing it. This doesn’t affect the fat content of the product. Carrageenan used as a stabilizer can keep food items viable for a longer period of time at the room temperature. Thus preventing food spoilage and wastage. It stabilizing also keeps nutrients in food intact and hence donot alter their nutritive value.


Misconceptions about Carrageenan.

There are certain anomalies regarding this product. Carrageenan is often confused with poligeenan. Poligeenan is a similar compound like carrageenan but it has no utility in the food industry. Poligeenanisn’t a food preservative or additive. It is not used on foods. Some scientists proclaim that carrageenan decompose in our body to form poligeenan. However, research doesn’t vindicate this point. It is virtually impossible to replicate conditions such as high temperature and strong acid essential for this break down process. Hence, carrageenan cannot degrade in our body. It is best to steer clear from these common misconceptions and myths.

Procedure of carrageenan

As seen earlier carrageenan is a water soluble fibre derived from red seaweeds. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t a new product. Traditionally, it has been in use for hundreds of years but commercially it is a newly approved preservative. It is quite easy to extract carrageenan from seaweeds and requires very little equipments or expertise. It can be easily extracted using basic ingredients in our home kitchen. Hence, lied their predominance from ancient times. It is extracted by boiling seaweed with a little quantity of salt. Then adding alcohol to this blend it in a blender or food processor to extract the carrageenan. This type of extraction by mild processing doesn’t hamper the carrageenan activity in seaweed and also preserves the seaweeds function. Thus, preventing any waste of the seaweed.

The easy abundant availability of seaweeds , the short and durable processing and the versatile utility – all provides negative answer to the  “IS CARRAGEENAN BAD?” question.