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Watch Suicide Squad Movie on August 5, 2016

This coming August 5, 2016, the movie titled Suicide Squad will be released in the big screens. It is actually an American superhero themed movie, which is made based on the popular DC Comics. The distributor of such film is none other than Warner Bros. Pictures, and it is directed by the Superb American film director, David Ayer. David Ayer is also the writer of the movie and the movie producers are Richard Suckle and Charles Roven. You can be able to watch Suicide Squad in IMAX 3D, 2D, and 3D cinemas.maxresdefault Meet Some of the Movie’s Major Casts

The Suicide Squad is being starred with several extremely famous celebrities in the United States. In case you are very curious about them, then let’s try to know them together with their roles in the said movie.will-smith-why-deadshot-suicide-squad

    • Will Smith – The role of Will Smith here is the expert assassin and marksman known as Deadshot. He is actually a conflicted criminal, and he enjoys the fact that the authorities are constantly searching for him. Even though he is a criminal, he still tries to do good things just for the sake of his lovely young daughter.
    • Jared Leto – Jared Leto takes the role of a psychopathic supervillain known as Joker. In order to look more supervillain, David Ayer suggested that Jared should wear some tattoos. The role is actually an extreme challenge for Jared. In fact, he talked to a number of doctors and psychopaths to be well-prepared on the movie.

  • Margot Robbie – Margot Robbie is taking the role of a crazed supervillain as well as a previous psychiatrist known as Harley Quinn. Such character is something like full of emotions. The character can be very scary, funny, crazy and so many other emotions that you can feel.
  • Joel Kinnaman – Joel Kinnaman is the replacement of Tom Hardy in the role. Tom cannot make it due to conflict schedules. Joel takes the role of the Suicide Squad’s field leader known as Rick Flag. He takes action according to the orders of a government official, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis).


Amidst the dawn and the dusk lies the day, amidst the sky and the earth lies the world, amidst birth and death lies life and amidst knowledge and ignorance lies the human mind. The quest to know it all is centuries old, yet the pursuit seems never ending. Each question demands answers to be found while each answer leads to another question. Anticipating human brains work endlessly to gain, gain knowledge or wealth but the wants remain ever unsatisfied. Desires can never be quenched. What we know only makes us realize what else we should know. It is not what we see but what we cannot see that keeps the quest going that keeps us thinking.writing-literature-review-300x229 The human characteristic to classify led to coining the term philosophy, from the Greek term philosophia meaning ‘love of wisdom’. It is the study of fundamental nature of existence, reason, values and knowledge. All branches of academic studyhas an indirect association with it and it is no surprise to know that specialized fields of academic disciplines like Economics, Psychology, Astronomy and even Physics once came under the category ‘Philosophy’.
To boundary the course of study for this field is an impossibletask to accomplish as the areas that practices the principles of Philosophy is as vast and varied as the human mind.Moreover, the demarcation between what is real and what is not is a thin one and susceptible to any amendments with advancement in research and new more convincing theories being put forward. Nevertheless it is only a matter of time that plays a crucial role in supporting the justification of a possible explanation along with substantial evidence.writing-major

The tools that help us dig deep into the subject are منطق and Reasoning. The ability to reason comes from a sound knowledge about the basics or ‘universally accepted facts’ based on which one justifies its argument to reach a conclusion.  A rather easy example to demonstrate such a practice could be-

  • All humans are mortal.
  • Socrates is human.
  • Therefore, Socrates is mortal.

The connected series of statements is known as ‘premise’ and the proposition as ‘conclusion’ which as a whole constitutes an argument. In the above example the first two statement are premises while the third is the conclusion.
Although a simple one, this example do illustrates how reasoning works. Such a methodology also helped the greatest scientist in history to discover one of his most famous theory on relative forces–‘gravity’.  A fallen apple gave Sir Isaac Newton the start that he required, curiosity. He not only contemplated why the fruit fell down and not go up but also derived a scientific proof to support his reasoning which were once only theories. A series of statements led to the conclusion that every object pulls another object towards itself with a force proportional to its mass.

The complex human brain can better understand things that are simpler. It searches for links to connect the puzzle and get the whole picture. The ability to reason and find a logical connection grows with age but it is not completely absent during the initial stages of life as an infant. Even a toddler is able to distinguish between its mother and a stranger. His reason to differentiate is based on its prior knowledge about the person who takes his care, who has been with him for a long time.

It’s amidst the extremes of knowledge and ignorance where the power of deduction finds its existence. So to think that ignorant is foolishness is a folly.  Many of the great discoveries and inventions have found their way to us in the sweetest of oblivion. Archimedes principle to test the purity of gold of his King’s crown was realized while he was bathing. Eureka!

One may never know when the true knowledge of a fact will him like a thunderbolt and change his life or create history. So the mysteries of human knowledge continue to find us and leave us puzzled as the quest shall never end.


How To Get A Big Butt – Experts Suggestions

Every person wants to have that perfect body figure which makes them more curvaceous and reshape them entirely. And having a big butt entirely changes your body structure. So How to get a big butt?

Now days the craze to get big butt is more common among the women. It will make them look more sexy and hot. There are different ways and experts suggestions that will help you to get a big butt. You will find online how to get a big butt in a week or in a month. All this depends on your physical structure along with this it requires to take care of your diet and exercise.

aid21485-728px-How-to-Make-Your-Butt-Bigger---part-1-step-3FEW THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT HAVING BIG BUTT

  • The most important and the first thing you should keep in mind that working on to get a big butt shouldn’t be stressful it would be fun and interesting for you. If you start enjoying whatever you are doing to get a big butt than surely you be able to have those huge butt.
  • Even though there are many other ways to get big butt like you can go for exercise, pills, surgery and proper medication. It depends upon you what you prefer.
  • If you are doing exercise than you should control your diet and do regular exercise at least for a month and the result will be visible soon. You can look to the plenty of videos online to do exercise and include in your diet fish oil and vitamin E.
  • There are number of pills that help you to get a bigger booty such as Aguaje pills and others are Maca root powder. But before using any of the pills or powder read about this to get more information so that you will be able to take extra precautions.
  • If you have money and want to go for expensive ways than surgical methods are also there. Celebrities and known personalities often go for this method to get instant results.
  • There are three muscles at your back so your focus should always be on that to get bigger booty.
  • Dedication and proper control on your diet will ultimately lead to have a big butt naturally without going for any artificial method.
  • Whatever you do give proper time to everything i.e. take proper rest after doing exercise.
  • 14049287473442f-big-1

If you worried about your small butt than prefer doing exercise and diet control to get those big butt which will make you look curvaceous. No surgery, no consumption of pills or medication it is just a little time you need to get big butt.

Real Estate

Find the Perfect Home for You by Asking the Right Questions

Searching for a new home can be fun. The excitement of checking listings, and selecting prospects based on pictures, facilities, and maps can be satisfying, and there are a lot of tools to make the search simple. The genuine difficulty begins when it’s time to explore a potential home, meet the landlord, and find out a little about the community. This is where you have to place on your investigator’s hat and begin asking questions. Here’s what you need to find out prior to you buy house in forest woods.Woods-Forest-Wallpaper Step 1: Do Your Research to Find Apartments worth Visiting

Finding the ideal home for you is a subject we’ve taken on a number of times, and we’ve even gone over some excellent tools to assist you find leasing’s that remain in your rate range and in your favoured areas.

Step 2: Check Out the Neighbourhood before Scheduling a Visit with the Property Owner

If you’re transferring to an area that’s close to where you live now or to a place you already know, you have the high-end of going to the area or driving through prior to you schedule a consultation to see the property with the owner. If the facilities match up with what you’re looking for, inspect out the neighbourhood and see.woods-path

Step 3: Schedule Your First Visit with the Property Owner

Depending upon the rental market in your area, you might not have much time to lose when it concerns scheduling visits. Call the landlord or homeowner and inquire when they can consult with you, and if there are any regular trips set up or applications already in on the unit. This last bit is necessary– you do not wish to lose your time to go check out a unit.

Your first check out to a house might be your last one prior to you send an application, if the unit remains in high need. Do not lose the chance to ask your future landlord as lots of questions about the property as possible.

Step 4: Talk to Others in the Community for Their Opinions

Among the very best ways to find out more about a neighbourhood prior to relocating is to speak to other individuals who already live there.

When you do sign the lease, ensure to ask any sticking around questions you might have prior to turning over your copy.

Health and Fitness

The Greatness of Beachbody 21 Day Fix Workout Program

Have you been trying a lot of workout programs lately? Do you achieve your desired body shape from them? Do you find these workout programs very convenient? Well, you might have already tried a number of fitness programs, but not all of them are very effective for sure. If that is the case, then it is maybe the right time for you to give the Beachbody 21 Day Fix a try. In case you are bored with your previous workout programs, then this is something that you should try. It is guaranteed that you will not have boring moments with this particular program since it involves a number of training methods for your own benefits. Here are some of these training methods that you should get well acquainted with:health-348x276

Yoga Fix

The Yoga Fix is scheduled to be done every Sunday, as long as you still haven’t completed the entire workout program. Stretching every muscle in your body can be possible through it. With this, you can be sure that your body and mind can be relaxed for a little while. This good in enhancing your body’s balance and flexibility. Moreover, the Yoga Fix can help your body become well prepared for the next workout routines that you need to perform.Health-and-Fitness-Quotations-as-inspirational-sources

Cardio Fix

The routines for Cardio Fix may require a lot more efforts from you, but it is rest assured that you will enjoy every Cardio Fix routine. In fact, you might not notice that 30 minutes has already gone and you now need to stop from exercising. This will surely make you sweat more, making your cardio healthier than  ever.

Upper Body Fix

This training method of the Beachbody 21 Day Fix has something to do with body resistance. Meaning to say, the exercise routines for this one will test and enhance the resistance of your body, specially the chest, abdomen, shoulders, and back areas. A resistance band or dumbbells can be used in doing the sets of routines for the Upper Body Fix.

Pilates Fix

Based on the 21 Day Fix workout program, the Pilates Fix should be done every Thursday, until the entire period required by the program is completed. The exercise routines here will allow you to take some rest for a little while. Even it is just a quick rest time, you will already appreciate it for sure since you will be having a tough time in doing the Pilates Fix workout routines. These routines are sure to target the core of your body muscles, apart from your cardiovascular health.

Expected Things Regarding the Beachbody 21 Day Fix

Needless to say, there are a lot of things that you should expect from the 21 Day Fix workout program. Here are some of these expected things:

  • 15 Pounds of Weight Loss – Right after completing the 21 days of adhering to the 21 Day Fix workout program, it is expected that you will lose 15 pounds from your original weight. The big question is, what if you need to lose more than 15 pounds? Is the 21 Day Fix program still suitable for you? The truth is, this workout program can still be the best choice if you will need to shed more than 15 pounds. Nevertheless, you need to double your effort in doing the routines. In other words, the difficulty level that you will go through may be heightened if you are serious enough to shed more than 15 pounds.
  • Achieve Intense Physical Preparedness – The workout program will also make you well prepared physically for whatever situation you may be facing in your everyday life. No matter how much physical strength needed for your daily task, it will surely be covered and that is because of the great help given by this workout program.
  • Fun Moments – Yes, it may give you tough moments, but doing the workout routines is sure to be a lot of fun on your side. It is rest assured that you will not have any boring moments in 21 days of working out. Just be sure to keep your fitness goal in mind at all times so that you can have a big inspiration in executing the workout routines, no matter if they are hard or easy enough.
  • Well Toned Muscles and 6-Pack Abs – Who would not love to have well toned body muscles and 6 pack abs by the way? These are all achievable if you adhere to the 21 Day Fix workout program religiously.

Confusing Nutrition Plan – At first, you might get confused of the nutrition plan that comes with the workout program. Even so, there is no need for you to worry because it is just normal for a beginner. In just a couple of minutes, you can already be very familiar with this nutrition plan, and that’s for sure.


By Pass Your Gps Tracker, Part Of Pokémon Go Cheats

Pokémon go hasn’t even completed 2 weeks of its birth, it has the more number of downloads in the recent years. There is no such other game which had done this good in the past decade. The surprise of downloads within a week has go for more than millions of downloads for the game. This game is surely not easily understandable for the new players who wish to play the game. This game is the real world game; you can find the Pokémon’s every corner in the world. You will start your career with dressing your own and customized character. One can walk through his daily life, when he or she finds a Pokémon on the go; they are notified by the game application. To master your game level, well some find the procedures to improve and some people struck to the basics. Pokémon go cheats will help you to enhance your career level and improve in finding the Pokémon’s on the go and not to struggle in the battle with other people. You will get your own Pokémon. Obviously using the Pokémon go cheats or any other game cheats using on the game, can be very risky for you. And you may finally end up getting banned for doing so.bc82e4d3d505fa8eda32f5ce90866483176b58b23ed60d58357b31aa4af6d8f3 By pass GPS tracker:

In this Pokémon go cheat, you can get a number of pokeballs or you can play the game without moving on the streets for searching the Pokémon’s. The cheat used here is a GPS spoofer that means this cheat by passes the GPS tracker. Yes! You can use these Pokémon go cheats but it is risk and you may get banned by Niantic. So, we won’t recommend you to do so. But for those who wish to use them, here is the cheat for you to move forward without moving your body.donwload-pokemon-go-game-for-android

You need to have a rooted phone; this is specific to android users. Iphone and other platforms users have different other procedures. If you don’t have a rooted phone, then do root your device for the usage of cheats. The second step you need to take is, install the “hide my root” application, this particular application will hide the thing of rooting to showcase. And then you need to download the GPS spoofer app, which will wrongly suggest other people that you are near-by to them.

On the Iphone, you will do same procedure, instead of rooting your device you will do JailBreak it. And then you need to download the Location Faker which fakes your location to others.

But Niantic has stated that, they are keenly looking at the cheats and they are working on it. You have a better chance of standing out of game when you do so. Implementing one of these strategies can help you to increase you level but do remember, there is always someone watching us when we cheat. Niantic will never them, they can make you life time ban which means, when you try to play your favorite game, you will end up not even playing it for cheating them.

Real Estate

Marina one: When Dream Comes Into Reality

Those who are unaware of Marina one, this is one broadly identified award winning integrated development project, aspiring to revolutionize the concept of healthy living as well as working. One of the esteemed inventions of world famous architect Christoph Ingenhoven, Marina Residences is known around for its wonderful entity at the heart of Singapore’s vibrant new Central Business District. Marina one represents wonderful conceptualization and high tech construction which has amalgamated different resources to create inimitable Marina One Residences, about to be completed by 2017. Among all real estate projects only Marina Residences is identified as one incorporated development project that seeks to create multifaceted urban space.

What is Marina One

Marina One is comprised of 1042 luxury residences and two 30-storey Grade A office blocks together with retail spaces. This residential development is designed to be a part of dynamic metropolitan culture and home owners would be deriving number of benefits for example luxuries, esteem and convenience. The project is meant to complement the (URA) or Urban Redevelopment Authority as the project intends to convert Marina Bay into an iconic urban area, which will be lively with wild activities. Marina Residences has triggered much interest and captured attention while winning rewards and accreditation all around.


The project promotes healthy living which is regarded as one of the creditable accomplishments of modern-day architecture and landscapes. The creators of that extravagant condo are pioneering radical transformation in urban construction philosophies. So it wont be an overstatement if it is deemed as the true epitome of futuristic vision.  There is number of well known names in realty market and while talking about Marina One Residences, number of esteem names who are having international repute come forward. Undoubtedly the condos are receiving astounding response and as Marina Residences are deemed today as one of the well-executed ventures. The homes that makers of Marina Residences have created are one absolute delightful living space for average dwellers who are dreaming to have deluxe abodes.

The maker

As said earlier, overall Marina Residences is the brainchild of Ingenhoven Architects and he has earned name in sustainable designing over the years. Understanding the significance of ecological value, Christoph Ingenhoven has designed this keeping in mind the ethos of healthy living and well being. Incorporating the latest innovation and technical skill, following the philosophy of logical construction, optimizing the light and space, immaculate clean finishing, utilizing resources in one of the finest most excellent manners, Marina Residences is one diligently planned project which has received number of accolades. Here you will find phenomenal buildings which are built keeping in mind the essential ecological concerns.

Home Improvement

A Pestemal Could Be Your Perfect Travel Companion

Pestemal, also popularly known as the Turkish towels are one of the most popular kinds of towel and are widely used across many households. Hardly you would find someone who hasn’t used a Turkish towel even once in his or her lifetime.

It is interesting that the invention of towel is associated with the city of Bursa in Turkey. Traditionally, the towels used to be hand embroidered and narrow but long enough to wrap around the body although the modern day towels are far wider than those. Also towels used to be a very expensive commodity back in the day. It was much later during the nineteenth century with the industrialization and mechanization that the towels became affordable to the common masses.


There are many kinds of pestemal towels available in the market with different styles and colors each of which are produced in different parts of Turkey. Now one might wonder what the fuss is all about regarding these Turkish towels. They appear and feel like the regular towels we use everyday and that is somewhat correct. The Turkish towel does not differ very significantly from the normal towels.

They absorb water almost as fast as a traditional towel. They do have certain advantage to them too. They dry comparatively faster than normal towels and takes up less space. So when you are travelling and are short in space you can squeeze in a Turkish towel in some corner of your suitcase more easily than the traditional towels. This is one of the reasons that Turkish towels are preferred by travellers all the time.


There are different types and different brands of Turkish towels available in the market. The Knotty’s brand of Turkish towels are known for their bright colors and extra large sizes that they come in. The Cacaia towels are comparatively more traditional than the Knotty ones but comes in a wide variety of colors too, just like the Knotty ones.


UK’s Cheapest Dental Implants

The United Kingdom may be one of the countries with the highest standard of living. There are high prices for just about everything; food, clothes, houses, and especially health care. So, where is the dental implants UK cheapest at?dental-implants_clip_image002 DSC_1042-1024x6851

Ah yes, dental hygiene and care, one of the most crucial type of hygiene. How important is it, you ask? Well if you have damaged teeth then you can’t really display that award winning smile, you won’t be able to eat properly and people can easily see it. Not only that, but damaged teeth are big factors that contribute to bad breath. No one likes bad breath, not even the ones who have it! How can you talk to other people properly? How can you kiss the person you like? How will you be care free and confident in front of other people?

Dental Implants

Okay, so don’t dental implants with dental pasta and tooth extraction. Dental implants are very different from that, they have the similarities of the sun and the moon. Basically when it comes to dental implants, the dentist creates an artificial tooth root. The tooth root is created and processed in your jaw, the artificial tooth root hold the replacement tooth or the replacement bridge. Dental implants are pretty permanent and they are an option chosen by people who have missing teeth due to accidents, periodontal disease, some form of injury or any other reason that opted for them to get dental implants.

How Costly are Dental Implants?

As you can imagine, performing dental implants is not an easy procedure; if you think braces are costly enough for teeth, think again. Basically if you want ONE dental implant in the United Kingdom, then you need to be ready to spend somewhere from £3,000 to £5,000. You’re eyes are working just fine, you read the right amount, that’s the price for EACH dental implant you want to get.

Where Can I Find the Cheapest?

It makes a lot of sense that you would want to find the clinics that offer the dental implants with the most reasonable price in the UK. Here are some of our suggestions:

Gentle Dental Care

Gentle Dental Care offers great services with exceptional staff. Also, their dental equipments, like x-rays and dental CT scans are up to date. Their exact address is 55 Henver Road, you can even contact them through their website if you have more questions. Of course they offer more dental care than just dental implants, but we’re here to concentrate on the dental implants. I’m going to give you a quick peek at their updated price list below

  • First consultation and intra-oral radiographs £75.00
  • Additional radiographs may include either 3 Dimensional scanning from £150.00 or OPG radiograph (both available at the practice) £45.00
  • Single tooth implant £2200.00
  • Single tooth implant with aesthetic requirements £2705.00
  • 3 unit cement retained bridge following a two stage surgical procedure £4650.00
  • Lower denture retained on 2 implants £3622.00
  • Bone grafting procedure at the time of implant placement £450.00
  • Bone grafting procedure with pin fixation £850.00
  • Ridge preservation grafting procedure following extraction using bone and membrane of animal origin from £450.00
  • Sinus grafting from £450.00

As you can clearly see, the prices and the procedures depend on the case; no two people have the exact same needs when health is involved. But as you noticed, the prices are significantly more reasonable when compared with other dental clinics. You might not find any clinic that’s cheaper than Gentle Dental Care. Give them a try! It’s good to have a million dollar smile!


Air-Fryer: What Is It And Why Is It The New Health Fad?

‘Mmhh! Look at those yummy chips, I don’t want to eat that,’ said no one ever. The thought of the ungodly amount of oil used to get that deep fried crispiness might send the health-conscious people packing. So, enter the air fryer. Is it possible to eat all those yummy deep-fried oily food minus the, well oil?

The air fryer may not guarantee 100 percent oil-less cooking but it does, drum roll please- shave of about 80 percent of the usual amount. Gasps of disbelief. Friends, I kid you not, you can actually get deep fried prawns, chips, fishes, chicken, steak and all those other mouth-watering fried food your sagging waist-line banned you from using way lesser oil.


What is an air fryer? How does it work?

As its name says, an air fryer cooks food using extremely hot air. There is heating element which is located near the food and the air is provided by the exhaust fan. The air is then heated up to great temperatures like 200 degrees and it is circulated in and around the food for even cooking. With only the help of an heating element and our good ol’ fan, which after being put together in an innovative fashion, we can achieve a healthier and low calorie fried nosh.

The air fryer comes with a detachable tray. Due to that excellent concentration cooking on the food, meaning – the heat is trapped inside, leading to only few minutes of achieving your desired level of doneness, you can get your lip-smacking, crispy low-calorie food within 10-15 minutes, depending on the quantity of the food and tray.  Not only fried foods, you can bake your favorite cake within 25 minutes in the air fryer as opposed to 40-60 minutes in the oven and any other type of food.


How is that much of heat managed?

To manage the heat, there is a cooling system provided. There is a fan affixed whose responsibility is to monitor and control the internal temperature. This fan sends fresh air from the top of the apparatus to the bottom layer. This ensures periodic cooling of the fryer. Also the fan regulates the cooking environment internally, keeping it clean. This cooling system makes it user friendly as there is no need to worry about burning yourself. The benefits are just too much. Less oil, healthier food, and only few minutes of patience.What are you waiting for? Get an air fryer for yourself now.