Vegetarian diet cuts heart disease; happily married couples gain weight

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Vegetarian Diet Can Cut the Risk of Heart Disease by 32 Percent, Study Finds

A vegetarian diet can cut the risk of heart disease by as much as 32 percent, according to a British study published on Wednesday. Researchers who followed more than 44,500 volunteers for about 11 years on average, found vegetarians were significantly less prone to cardiac trouble. In the 50-70 age group, 6.8 percent of people who ate meat or fish were hospitalized or died from heart disease, compared to 4.6 percent of vegetarians.
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Study Finds Happily Married Couples Gain More Weight…

All wedded couples hope for marital bliss – but it does come at a heavy price, researchers say. For the happier you are in your marriage, the more likely you are to pile on the pounds. A team from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas studied 169 newly married couples over four years. During this period they measured their weight and asked them how satisfied they were in their relationship eight times.


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Source: healthapalooza