Studies: You’ll spend 43 days on hold; Green veggies a source of food poisoning

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You Will Spend 43 Days On Hold During Your Lifetime, Study Finds…

Being put on hold seems to be a fact of life for anyone trying to get in touch with a customer service worker at a company. However, a new study has found that we may spend even more time on hold than we thought. The study found that the average person spends 43 days on hold during the course of their lifetime – days that could probably be better spent otherwise.


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Green Leafy Vegetables Are The Leading Source of Food Poisoning, New Government Study Finds…

A big government study has fingered leafy greens like lettuce and spinach as the leading source of food poisoning, a perhaps uncomfortable conclusion for health officials who want us to eat our vegetables. “Most meals are safe,” said Dr. Patricia Griffin, a government researcher and one of the study’s authors who said the finding shouldn’t discourage people from eating produce. Experts repeated often-heard advice: Be sure to wash those foods or cook them thoroughly.


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Source: Healthapalooza