See Key West for free – or almost free

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Fort Zachary, Key West

By Bonnie Gross, FloridaRambler - Free in Key West? I heard that derisive laugh. Sure, few destinations in Florida are as expensive as Key West. But think about the three most popular things to do in Key West:

  • Walk down Duval and wander through historic neighborhoods full of tropical plants and colorful gypsy chickens.
  • Get your picture taken in front of the Southernmost Point.
  • Gawk at the nightly street carnival scene at Mallory Square sunsets.

See a common thread? They’re all free.

And they’re not the only things to do in Key West that are free. Several of my favorite “finds” in Key West are free, and I love them because they are off the standard tourist trail.

So I say: Go ahead and splurge on the ferry to the Dry Tortugas.  You can make up for it with an afternoon or day in Key West filled with free fun.


Note: The Florida Rambler is run by veteran Florida journalists who enjoy biking, hiking, fishing, camping and touring the state. They report on historic places to go, things to do and places to stay during your travels.  The opinions expressed are strictly their own.

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Source: Florida Rambler