See The Damage Waves Are Causing Along Fort Lauderdale Beach

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Ft. Lauderdale Beach Erosion and damage from today's pounding waves (Photos Courtesy Bob White)

Monday 11/26 – Ft. Lauderdale Update 5PM – Florida Dept of Transportation says - 

A1A remains open to one northbound and one southbound lane in a four block area on Fort Lauderdale Beach between NE 14 Court, north of Sunrise Boulevard, and NE 17th Court, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) officials report.

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Beginning at 9 a.m. Tuesday, November 27, FDOT crews will re-paint the pavement markings and place temporary, water filled barrier wall in the closed northbound lanes between NE 14 Court and NE 17 Court to prevent cars from traveling close to the area that has eroded. The new pavement markings will allow for one 10-1/2-foot-wide travel lane and a six-foot-wide bike lane in each direction. The sidewalk and parallel parking remains open on the west side of A1A in this area.

FDOT continues to monitor the area in which the sidewalk and seawall collapsed due to erosion of the beach area that began with Hurricane Sandy, and is prepared to place additional segments of concrete barrier wall along the roadway as a breakwater, if needed.



Ft. Lauderdale – UPDATE 3PM – Fort Lauderdale work crews were back out on A1A today trying to determine the extent of the damage being caused to the seawall and surrounding area from the continuous pounding of the surf.  The damage began with the waves from Hurricane Sandy.

Measurements were being taken of the traffic light to ensure it hadn’t shifted and become a hazard – yet.  Portions of the beach and sidewalk are gone.  Traffic is being reduced to one lane in each direction as both lanes of the northbound side are closed to traffic.  Several of the Palm Trees that lined the sidewalk were also toppled over.

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Previous - According to the National Weather Service, the low pressure system that has been located over the Western Atlantic waters is beginning to move east and should continue to move in an easterly direction through the weekend. As a result, northerly swells that have been generated from this system are expected to begin to decrease after today.

Today, Friday, November 23, 2012, the National Weather Service expects swells of 4 to 5 feet and seas of  6 to 8 feet with possible breakers around 9 feet. These conditions are expected to continue to bring street flooding, particularly along A1A.  In addition, there is a high risk of rip currents along Fort Lauderdale and Broward County beaches.

In October portions of A1A near Sunrise Boulevard were closed as the sand and surf washed over the seawalls and into the streets.  Sandy caused severe erosion of the beach in the area.  According to published reports, late Thursday, portions of the seawall began to disintegrate raising concerns among city officials more damage is being done by the current wave action.  This has prompted the closing of one lane northbound and southebound on A1A,  north of Sunrise Boulevard (approximately 1600-2000 block). In addition, the beach side walk is also closed in that area.

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Northerly swells are expected to begin decreasing tomorrow and should continue to decrease through the weekend.  On Saturday, the National Weather Service expects swells of 2 to 4 feet and seas of 4 to 6 feet. On Sunday, swells are expected to be approximately 2 feet with seas of 2 to 4 feet.
The next high tide is expected at approximately 4:00 pm this afternoon.

For traffic updates, follow FLPD on Twitter (@FLPD411).

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Source: Fort Lauderdale Police Department