Sunrise Mayor: Toughen Daycare Center Law To Require More Disclosure To Parents

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By Michael J. Ryan, Mayor Of Sunrise

At four-years-old, Jordan Coleman was old enough to know something wasn’t right, but not old enough to protect himself.

It was a hot August afternoon in Florida.  Maybe he was asleep when the “staff” of a Sunrise daycare center forgot him in the van.  If so, he likely woke sweaty and to a stifling, choking heat.  Alone.  No one else in the van.  Panic would have set in.

Jordan likely would have stopped sweating as the natural defenses meant to cool his body began to fail.  Hyperventilating, he would have progressed to confusion, and ultimately unconsciousness.

How long did it take? What were the final moments like before he slipped into unconsciousness?  As a loving son, did he cry out to his Mother?


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Source: BrowardBeat