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Broward Meals on Wheels gets $750k grant for senior health

Broward Meals on Wheels, has been awarded a three-year grant from the United Way of Broward County, a first for the agency.  The approved funding is up to $750,000 over a three to three and a half year period.

The grant is a collaboration between BMOW’s Nutrition Education program, Broward County Elderly and Veteran’s Services Pharmaceutical Education program, FLIPANY (Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nutrition to Youth) on site cooking classes, and NOVA Southeastern Pharmacy School providing a Pharmacist and Evaluation Team to work towards combining the screening tools used for seniors at risk can be combined into one and targets the middle income seniors, not the typical audience for any of collaborative team partners.  “This grant award reflects the United Way’s acknowledgement that nutrition and drug interaction risks cross income levels. This grant provides all of the partners the opportunity and the finances to expand our services with a whole new group of seniors.” Peggy Miller, Executive Director, Broward Meals On Wheels.

“We are very excited to be able to reach seniors with our cooking and nutrition classes. With many seniors having to change their eating habits because of diet restrictions and health issues, we teach this population how to make easy meals that fit these requirements. As many of the seniors are on a fixed budget, one of the highlights of the class is a grocery store tour where we show them how to stretch their food dollar”, said Lynne Kunins, Executive Director of FLIPANY.

Recently, the agency’s nutritionist of 18 years, Ann Chickowski, RD, LDN, was selected “Outstanding Dietitian of the Year” from Broward County Dietetic Association.  The award recognizes an individual dietitian’s cumulative career accomplishments.  According to Ms. Chickowski, “The health ramifications of under nutrition or malnutrition caused by hunger or food insecurity are huge.  Most people are aware of the effects of poor nutrition on diabetes or cardiac problems but are unaware of the effects on wound healing or post surgery recuperation.  Good nutrition helps prevent re-hospitalization and helps maintain quality of life.  Although federally-funded programs including the Elderly Nutrition Program and the food stamp program are designed to address food insecurity and nutritional needs among senior Americans, studies demonstrate high levels of need still exist among seniors. As the senior population increases so will these needs.  The good news as Meals on Wheels Association of America so fittingly states “There is hunger in America not because of lack of food, but because of lack of leadership.”

Broward Meals on Wheels’ programs and services offer MORE THAN A MEAL, with the help of more than 600 volunteers, provides congregate meal dining, grocery shopping, nutrition counseling, meals for companion pets, meal deliveries and home visits/screening & assessment.  The agency’s core mission is to provide essential services that improve health, reduce isolation and promote independent living for seniors in our community and has incorporated into its vision a vow to End Senior Hunger by 2020.

The Exemplary Magnet Accreditation was awarded to the agency in November acknowledging its excellent management and caring professional programming in serving the senior population of Broward County, Florida.

Some Senior Hunger in Broward Facts:

Senior hunger is a serious public health threat.

*       11.4% of all seniors experience some form of food insecurity
*       50% of all seniors who are at risk of hunger have incomes above the poverty lines

Seniors are more likely to be at risk of hunger.

*       A young senior between the ages of 60 and 64 – 17.3% or 58,400 seniors in Broward
*       Living at or below poverty level – 11.8% or 39,840 seniors in Broward

Health consequences of senior hunger.

*       Significantly more likely to have lower intakes of energy and major vitamins

*       Wounds take longer to heal

*       More frequent and longer time spent in hospitals
*       Significantly more likely to be in poor or fair health
*       Being marginally food insecure is roughly equivalent to being 14 years older

Future of Senior Hunger projections indicate:

*       In 2025, an estimated 9.5 million seniors will experience food insecurity — (75% higher than 2005)
*       In 2025, an estimated 7 million senior Americans will suffer from hunger

About Broward Meals on Wheels

Broward Meals on Wheels is an award-winning program of nutrition services for Broward’s 60 years of age and over population.  Its mission is to provide essential services that improve health, promote independence, and reduce isolation of Broward’s seniors.  Broward Meals on Wheels is a private non-profit organization relying on community support and government grants to serve over one million meals each year to more than 5,000 seniors in Broward County.  Call (or visit: for more information, to make a donation or to become a volunteer to help.

Broward Meals on Wheels is funded through the State of Florida’s Department of Elder Affairs and the ADRC of Broward County with Older Americans Act and Fair Share Campaign dollars and private donations.

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