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Tips for cleaning out your home this spring

It’s hard to believe it’s almost spring already as 2011 zips on by, but here we are and it’s time to air out your house and get ready for spring. But first, let’s get some music on in the background while we get our house, living room, bedroom and other living spaces cleaned out during the annual spring cleaning.

First, start up in your attic with your cleaning and then work your way down so dust moves its way out of your house. If you don’t have an attic in your home start in the highest part in your living room for example and from the back of the house to the front to ensure everything gets moved, dusted and cleaned.

Next, take the shadow boxes, picture frames, canvas prints and other decorative arts off your walls for a quick cleaning and dusting. Check the walls for fingerprints, dirt and other stains and try to remove, only painting if necessary then sweep the corners of the walls free from dust and cobwebs if you haven’t done this in a while. Then start with your highest furniture and work your way around one room such as a dining room before moving lower down to the ground.

The key is to start from one end of the house, doing the outside rooms before moving to interior rooms. This ensures that you don’t miss one spot during your annual spring cleaning. After you have dusted and cleaned every room in the house, including shampooing the carpet in your bedroom, it may be time too look at how you can do some redesigning of the interior or use a few modern touches to make small changes that lead to a big affect.

One thing you can always do is rearrange your furniture in your living room or bedroom for example, or add a new collection of figurines to a room. Add a blanket of a new color to your sofa or add new lamps and decorative pillows to change the color scheme in the room. Just throwing up a new coat of paint can make a tremendous different, especially after you’ve had kids in the house and need an affordable pick me up to your house that doesn’t require a large investment.

Look for a new throw rug or bring in plants to add a modern touch. Sometimes a vase, candle or wall sticker is all that’s needs to complete the look after a complete cleaning of the house.

After you’ve gone through a few of these suggestions, you house will look and feel better and you might not have to work so furiously to maintain the look.

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