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Heads Up Report: New Boston Market concept

My “Heads Up” Report this week for the Food for Thought Radio Show (live every Thursday evening at Oceans 234 from 6 – 8 p.m., and coming soon to T.V!) sent me to Boston Market.

I have eaten out more than your average bear. For 10 years of my life I was a “road warrior” (traveling salesman) who spent an average of 40 weeks out of the year on the road and living in hotel rooms. Part of the job entailed eating out all the time, and entertaining clients whose average spend was over $50,000. I have eaten out a lot.

I like variety. It is truly the spice of life. I would therefore try my best to avoid chain restaurants if I could. Not because I dislike chains, but because I like variety and new experiences.

But part of being an American, and appreciating my country above all others (I’ve lived abroad), is exercising my freedom of choice. And in our great and grand country, there are lots of regional and colloquial dining options. If I am in the great State of Texas, why do I want to eat at the same joints they have in Florida. I don’t, I want some of that famed Texas BBQ. Or Kansas City Beef, etc.

This is the reason I’ve not eaten at Boston Market recently. Prior to tonight, I think the last time was probably well over 4 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, that last experience was fabulous. I think I was somewhere in the Northeast, Massachusetts maybe, and when I strutted out of my hotel to jump in my econo-box rental vehicle, it was snowing and windy and nasty out. And there, like a tasty mashed-potato oasis, was the signage of a Boston Market adjoining my Hampton Inn.

The food did the trick that night. It was turkey and mashed, and it was warm and satisfying. And the cornbread—it wasn’t Grandma Bea’s—but it rocked.

But this visit was a whole different story. It was such a positive experience that I don’t really know where to start. And the simple truth of the matter is that I don’t have enough space to do the all of the sweet changes that Boston Market has instituted justice in this article. But suffice it to say that the Squash Casserole is a “must-try!”

So are the Loaded Mashed Potatoes (potatoes, sour cream, chives, real bacon, and cheddar cheese). So are the new salads (the Asian has edamame and sesame seeds!). And the Chicken Pesto Sandwich on the new honey bread. Oh, and the Turkey BLT rocked too!! Did I mention that everything comes on real plates and you eat it with real silverware too, now?

And they have an “ambassador” (think hostess) who roams the dining room at peak hours to ensure a fabulous guest experience.

The interesting thing on the menu that I will have to try soon was the “Adult Mac-n-Cheese.” I asked why it was “adult” as visions of risqué shaped food items danced in my head. To find out why it is “adult” you will just have to visit one of the new-concept Boston Market stores.

Great staff (Hayley, our server), great management (Annette Hollar and Vincent Young) who are patient, accessible and have a real sense of ownership, and an overall wonderful experience.

There are Boston Market’s all over the place. The one I visited is located at 9959 W. Glades, Boca Raton - (561) 451-3918. I suggest calling and asking where the new-concept stores are as I don’t think many have made it to Broward County as yet.

I would love to feature your joint in an upcoming “Heads Up” Report, email for details. And DECIDE BEFORE YOU DRIVE.

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