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Hazmat training, job opportunities in Gulf oil spill

For those of you who have tried to register for the HazMat Module 3 training that is being offered by BP, the classes are full. The current schedule does not have any additional times for Fort Lauderdale listed as of yet.

The same training is also being provided for free on line. Below are the instructions that BP in coordination with OSHA and the Coast Guard issued earlier this afternoon.
This training includes Levels 1, 2 and 3 in one CBT Module.

NOTE: When you have finished the training course, there will be a certificate page. Please be sure to print the certificate page and bring it with you to the site where you will be working.
Please read the following information before clicking on the link:
Overview of the training site:
• When you are ready to enter the training site, click on this link – to take you to the training
• Go to “I’m a New Student” where a page will pop up for you to self-register. Keep your log in and password info (you may leave the module and return by using your login and password)
• Select if you are with a Government agency, Environmental Professional or Wildlife Paraprofessional and search for the agency that fits. If none fits, choose “other”
• Click on “Submit Changes”
• You will then be directed to the module to begin training
• Click on “Start”
• The next page will contain the course information
• Click “Start”
• The next page will bring up the Health & Safety CBT (Module 3)
• Click “Run” and the CBT will download, it may take a few minutes
• When you have completed going through the CBT you will click “Credit”
• This will bring you to the CBT Exam and you will click “Start Test”
• You will have three opportunities to pass the test.
• Once you have passed the test go to Document and Click “Run”
• A certificate with your name and verification that you have completed the training will appear
• Print the certificate and bring with you to the worksite where you have been assigned
Tips for maneuvering through the site
• Start, Run and Credit buttons will advance you through the modules
• Some computer setting “pop-up blockers” interfere with this program, please read the information in the green box on the page to help solve this issue
• Should you have problems while completing this training, the “Contact Us” button at the top of the page will direct you to a help desk.

Should oil in whatever form arrive on our coastline there are opportunities for employment for boats, contractors and workers.

Vessels of Opportunity Program

Small Business Administration; Economic Injury Assistance for Florida

NOAA Ocean Service has produced a very clear presentation about oil; its forms and locations where it would most likely be found, Shoreline Assessment Job Aid.

Also click here for other job opportunities:

Unconfirmed opportunities


2) Oil Spill workers needed in S. Louisiana for clean up with Hazwoper certificate. We will house and provide meals for our workers. This is going to be for at least two months, but possibly longer.  For more information please call Misty Edwards
(409) 899-5627

3), the newspaper for New Orleans had multiple listings. Go to, click jobs, and type in oil as a keyword.

4) also had listings. If this link is broken, just type oil in as a keyword.

5) Mississippi Department of Employment Security has oil jobs listed:

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  1. Gary Hedglin


    I am living In pascagoula Mississippi. I currently have my 40 hour Hazwoper Certification threw green works enviromental servives. I am properly trained. By Chris Fisher Incident commander.

    I am currently looking for a crew that i can get on and start working for them and offer my skills. I have 10 years of construction. 4 years of running my own construction crew.

    Thank You:

    If you can be of any help please contact me

    Gary Hedglin


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