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Photos tell the story of Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill

BP is busy spending millions of dollars to protect its image. With apologetic television ads and using Internet savvy, the company may be spending up to $10,000 a day to pay for “oil” search terms that redirect Google, Yahoo and Bing Web search users to the company’s official website, according to ABC News. BP says it is to let people know how to reach their website so that they can provide information and answer questions such as how  file a claim.

BP, spend all the public relations money you like, but the pictures tell the real story. The continued onslaught of crude oil pouring into the Gulf, spreading into waters far and wide is creating a ripple effect of environmental, economic and social destruction that will resonate forward in time for, perhaps decades.

According to a recent poll by Washington Post-ABC News, most Americans want the federal government to pursue criminal charges against BP and its drilling partners. Have they done enough soon enough?

Consider that BP and other companies are drilling for oil, some at depths greater than 5,000 feet. Why is it not a requirement that before a permit is issued a company has to prove through a third party certification process that in case of an accident tried and true methods are in place to contain the spill. It makes absolutely no sense to watch them throw their hands up in the air proclaiming that depth is the problem. Then the solution is easy, don’t drill. Clearly, they are out of their depth and should not be allowed to continue drilling, stop, period.

A picture is worth a thousand words. To you BP in living color the destruction you bestow. Below are links to different galleries and videos showing what the Deepwater Horizon spill has done to our coastline and to our waters. Another good read is this article from the Miami Herald: U.S. knew of Gulf oil spill risk.

Over 360 photos from the Palm Beach Post.

Demotivational poster.

What the area in the ocean where the Deepwater Horizon once stood looks like today.

Photo slideshow.

Photo slideshow.

Video released by the Coast Guard 6.8.2010 titled: “The Nations Largest Oil Spill Recovery Continues”

Interactive map of where the ocean currents are likely to carry oil to the Atlantic ocean.

Live video of the spill.

Coast Guard member carrying a dead oiled pelican.

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