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Julian Beever to create his incredible 3-D sidewalk art at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek during the first week in March

If you email, you’ve most likely seen Julian Beever’s amazing optical-defying sidewalk chalk illustrations that have been circulating on the Internet since 2004. The fascinating art projection is called “anamorphosis”. Beever’s colorful drawings appear to defy the laws of perspective by appearing to be three dimensional (

Why would such a talented artist prefer using the pavement as his tapestry than more traditional artistic mediums? “My art is for anybody. It’s for people who wouldn’t go into an art gallery. It’s art for the people,” he says.

“I used to do portraits and conventional drawings on the sidewalk,” he explains, who started in this medium back in the mid-1990s. “One day I saw a particular sidewalk where there were rectangles of tiles and that gave me the idea to create (3D drawings).” Beever continued to experiment and eventually realized that “if you could make things go down in the pavement, you could also make them look as if they’re coming out of the pavement”.

The full impact of Beever’s work is especially appreciated through the wide-angle lens of a camera. To construct these masterpieces, Beever painstakingly double-checks each stroke through his own camera lens to make sure it achieves the desired effect.

“The important thing for me is to get a photo of it at the end,” said Beever. “For me, I’m working toward building a photograph as my end result”

In one of his more famous pieces, the artist – who usually appears as part of the scene in each photo – is perched on a ledge, waiting for Batman and Robin to climb the building and rescue him. In reality, there’s just pavement in front of him, and the street below, together with the expectant crowd, plus the blazing building below him, are all tricks played on the eye (a modern example of trompe l’oeil – a French term that means literally ‘trick the eye’). The detail is so acute that the real pavement is actually casting a “shadow” on the buildings below it.

Typically, Beever’s drawings take three days to complete and remain as long as the weather and pedestrians permit. However, months of planning and preparation go in to his creations. “When you’re working outdoors, you never know what’s going to happen — it can always go wrong. It’s a pleasure and relief to get it finished.”

Seminole Casino Coconut Creek will celebrate its 10th year anniversary by inviting the public to a variety of exciting, entertainment events — including Julian Beever’s work-in-progress — and providing their guests with complimentary gifts/services starting on March 5.

The full schedule of events can be viewed at For more information call

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