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LeMieux responds to Obama’s State of the Union address

From the office of Senator George LeMieux, who replaced Mel Martinez after he resigned last year from U.S. Congress

Last night, the President missed a golden opportunity to give the American people real solutions. I suggest the President acknowledge the problems we face are due in part to too much government – too much spending, and a failure to focus on the real problems at hand.
Americans want government to work for them, not the other way around. Unless we work in a bipartisan way to control spending, reduce our debt, secure our nation, and achieve energy independence, the future prosperity of our children will suffer.
The President needed to give us his plan for jobs today without debt tomorrow. The American people did not hear that. Instead, we heard more of the same agenda that has already proved unpopular. I hope the change we see in 2010 will be more like the change he promised in 2008 – Republicans and Democrats working together to solve the problems facing our nation. We have to return government back to Americans and reject the practice of making sweetheart deals behind closed doors.
The President is right to focus on jobs and too much government spending, but creating vast new government programs is not a solution. We need to cut taxes and put money back in the hands of workers and job creators. The free spending and unrestrained growth of government is hurting our nation’s ability to prosper. We need to cut spending and balance the budget. The American people deserve no less.

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