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Health care bill update from Senator LeMieux

From Sen. George LeMieux

I came to Washington to be a problem solver. What’s more, I am serving because I care about this country, and the country my children and your children will inherit.

Right now, we are focused on reforming health care, which is just one of the many challenges facing our nation. Americans want and deserve access to quality and affordable care. But at the same time, Americans are growing tired of what has become the typical Washington response to our nation’s problems: grow government and spend more money.

The latest version of the Senate bill does just that while leaving 23 million of America’s uninsured without insurance. The bill increases taxes by $518 billion, cuts Medicare by $470 billion, and imposes an unfunded mandate on Florida’s Medicaid system resulting in $3.5 billion in additional state spending on Medicaid.

In recent weeks, I have had an ongoing dialogue with Floridians by phone, personal meetings and email to learn about your concerns on health care. Overwhelmingly, the consensus is that the current proposal will increase health care costs and hurt the quality of care.

I had looked forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle and had hoped they would share my urgency in putting aside the partisan rancor, solving problems, and doing what’s right for our nation. I had remained hopeful that we could reach consensus on a plan that would reduce costs and increase access to health care while protecting the quality of care for all Americans. It could have been done. Instead, this week in Congress we’re creating a new trillion dollar entitlement program.

I regret that I will not be able to support the bill pending in the Senate. Watch the video to hear my latest floor speech talking about the problems with the proposal

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