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Hasner introduces electric car bill to FL legislature

From the office of Adam Hasner:

In conjunction with the Florida Clean Energy Congress convening in Tallahassee this week, Florida House Majority Leader Adam Hasner (R-Delray Beach) has submitted recommendations to advance the adoption and commercialization of electric vehicles throughout the state.  Hasner’s Florida Electric Automobile Commercialization and Implementation Proposal provides numerous policy recommendations that will establish a framework for widespread deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

“It is no secret that I have long advocated in Tallahassee for advancing the cause of electric cars.  Since less than 3% of our power is currently generated from oil,  no discussion about our state’s energy future is possible without addressing meaningful solutions for the transportation sector, ” said Hasner.

“We don’t need a crisis to understand that innovative electric drive technology is critical to addressing our long term challenges for achieving energy security, promoting economic growth and protecting our environment.

“While I recognize that funding for this initiative remains a challenge, the ideas contained in this proposal are intended to provide a framework for moving Florida forward on electric vehicle adoption and commercialization and public charging infrastructure.

“Electric cars will not be the answer for everyone, but electric drive transportation is a smart solution for a large section of the market since 80% of Americans currently drive less than 40 miles a day.  With existing technologies and continued advancements, we are a lot closer than people realize to achieving my vision for a Florida where affordable, attractive, clean, convenient and efficient electric cars are traveling our roads and highways.”

Hasner has a long history of advancing policy initiatives to promote innovative electric drive technologies.  In 2003, Hasner sponsored legislation providing incentives for hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles including unrestricted access to HOV lanes.  In 2009, Hasner authored and sponsored HB 879 – Financial Incentives for Electric Vehicles and is responsible for the successful implementation of Florida’s plug-in hybrid conversion rebate program.

Additionally, for 90 days in 2008 Hasner drove a 2002 RAV-4 EV, an all-electric vehicle that requires no gas and has zero emissions.  Hasner hosted a Tallahassee showing of the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car?” for over 200 people that included educational seminar featuring nationally recognized EV advocate Chelsea Sexton and former CIA Director Jim Woolsey.  Hasner’s article “In Defense of the Electric Vehicle” appeared in the National Electric Auto Association monthly publication Current EVents in May 2009.




  • Rebates for purchase of highway-capable plug-in electric automobiles
  • Sales tax exemptions on the purchase of highway-capable plug-in electric automobiles
  • Toll exemptions on Florida toll roads for highway-capable plug-in electric automobiles
  • Rebates for purchase and installation of public charging stations
  • Tax credits for rental car companies that operate fleets of highway-capable plug-in electric automobiles for rent in Florida
  • Tax credits for hotels that purchase and install public charging stations
  • Tax credits for companies that operate fleets of highway-capable plug-in electric automobiles in car-share services in Florida
  • Designated funding for Level 3 and Level 2 charging stations at all the Florida Turnpike Service Plazas
  • Designated funding for Level 2 charging stations at the following airports:

Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Fort Myers

  • Designated funding for Level 2 charging stations at TriRail stations and SunRail stations
  • Designated funding for Level 2 charging stations at the following state universities:


  • Designated funding for purchase of fully-electric short-haul freight/intermodal drayage trucks and associated charging infrastructure at the following ports:

Port of Miami, Port Everglades, Port of West Palm Beach, Port Canaveral, Port of Tampa, Port of Jacksonville


  • Streamlined, expedited, and centralized online permitting and approval process for installation of residential and public Level 2 charging stations which use charging station equipment that has been pre-approved by the state as meeting certain code and safety requirements, as well as waiver of permitting fee
  • Establishing rights for residential condo owners to install charging stations
  • Liability caps for property owners providing public charging stations
  • Making crimes of intentional vandalism or theft of parts from a public charging station a 3rd degree felony
  • Requiring inclusion in the construction plans of sufficient additional electrical power and breaker panel capacity and running conduit and wiring to at least 10% of the parking spaces, to make them ready for installation of Level 2 charging stations, as a pre-requisite and required condition for obtaining a permit for any new commercial or multi-family-dwelling development or redevelopment, including shopping centers, malls, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, libraries, schools, universities, local and state government facilities, apartment buildings, and condos
  • Establishing statewide eligibility for hybrids and highway-capable plug-in electric automobiles for taxicab permits and licensure

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1 Comment for “Hasner introduces electric car bill to FL legislature”

  1. justmeint

    Lets hope this is not another case of history repeating itself:
    Nearly a decade ago electric cars were coming out of GM in droves to satisfy a California mandate to have a certain percentage of electric cars on the road by a certain time. GM would not sell the electric cars; they would only lease them. People loved the cars and many were on the roads running smoothly, efficiently and economically. The oil industry and GM worked to change the law in California. GM recalled all the leases and the company destroyed nearly every car in a crusher.


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