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Bill in Florida Legislature would ban red light cameras

House Bill 1235, by Rep. Robert Schenck (R-Spring Hill) passed the Government Affairs Policy Committee this morning. The bill would prohibit cities and counties from using red light cameras to ticket drivers.

“Red light cameras are being used by cities and counties to generate huge sums of money to increase falling revenue under the guise of public safety,” said Schenck.

Red light cameras are installed at traffic lights (Broward has some throughout the county) and if you run a red light, the camera takes a picture of your license plate and mails a ticket to the owner of that car.

Proponents of the bill say nationwide studies show that the cameras are not effective as a public safety measure, and most studies indicate alternative engineering countermeasures are safer, such as longer yellow lights and two second, all around red lights.

“As long as these cameras are in place and generating revenue, cities and counties will not seek other, more effective means of stopping red light runners and providing safer roads for the people of Florida,” added Schenck.

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1 Comment for “Bill in Florida Legislature would ban red light cameras”

  1. Fred Suarez

    If the redlight cameras only had countdown lights attached to them, then I would be for it. The countdown lights are all over Havana Cuba and they are great idea. Only $279.00 each. Also, they need to give a different ticket for those that do not come to a complete stop when turnning right on a red light as 99% do not stop completely.


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