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Census workers to start knocking on doors May 1

Knock, knock. Who’s there?  If you haven’t returned your census questionnaire, it could be your friendly neighborhood census taker.

Starting May 1, thousands of Broward County residents – quite possibly your family members, friends or neighbors – will be going door-to-door to carry out the next phase of Census 2010.

Census takers, also known as enumerators, will visit addresses that did not return a census form to take the count in person, as Broward County strives to attain a complete count of its residents.

“Everyone must be counted,” said Broward County Commissioner, Ilene Lieberman, chair of the Census 2010 Complete Count Committee. “This includes people of all ages, races and ethnic groups, as well as citizens and non-citizens.”

As of April 20th, 65 percent of Broward County residents had mailed back their forms, leaving about 35 percent to be visited by census takers.

Census takers can provide language assistance, help fill out forms and answer questions about how the information is used. They can explain the importance of the questions and how the information benefits the community.

Census takers will have an official badge and a Census 2010 bag. Some will have laptop computers. They will visit a household up to six times. If they are unable to make contact, they will leave a door hanger with a contact phone number. Residents can call the number on the hanger to schedule a visit and be counted.

“For those who may feel reluctant to provide information, remember that census takers who collect information are sworn for life to protect the data,” said Commissioner Lieberman. “Those who violate the oath face a fine of up to $250,000 or imprisonment for up to five years, or both.”

Important census facts to avoid scams:


  • Ask to enter your home.
  • Ask for social security numbers.
  • Ask for bank account or personal identification information. They do not need to know where you do your banking, where you have any financial accounts, or where you keep your money.
  • Ask for credit card account information. The Census is free; there is no charge for participating in it, and no reason to need a credit card number. They also do not need to know which, if any, credit cards you have, how long you’ve had them or when they were last used.
  • Ask for any other identifying numbers such as Driver’s License, Visa, Passport, or Alien numbers. They simply want to know the names, birthdates, and ages of people living in your household, and nothing else.
  • Solicit information via e-mail.
  • Send a representative to your home unless you fail to return the questionnaire via the pre-paid envelope in the mail.
  • Ask for the name of your mortgage company or for your landlord’s information.

“Everyone’s cooperation is critical to ensure that each resident living in Broward County is counted,” said Commissioner Lieberman. “So put out the welcome mat.  Every uncounted person affects your friends, neighbors and family members living in Broward County. Be counted!

If you have questions or concerns about the census or the census form, please call 866-872-6868 (English) or 866-928-2010 Spanish).

Flier in English

Flier in Spanish

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