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BSO warning residents to be alert for Census scams

Recently law enforcement agencies across the region, including the Broward Sheriff’s Office have become aware of scams involving individuals claiming to be affiliated with the upcoming Census. In an effort to safeguard our residents and business owners, we remind everyone of the following:

  • The Census does not ask for social security numbers.
  • The Census does not ask for bank account or personal identification information – They do not need to know where you do your banking, where you have any financial accounts, or where you keep your money.
  • The Census does not ask for credit card account information – The Census is free, there is no charge to those participating in it, and no reason to need a credit card number. They also do not need to know which, if any, credit cards you have, how long you’ve had them, when they were last used, etc.
  • The Census does not ask for any other identifying numbers such as Driver’s License, Visa, Passport, or Alien numbers – They simply want to know the names, birthdates, and ages of people living in your household, nothing else.
  • The Census does not solicit information via e-mail, personal or otherwise.
  • The Census does not solicit pre-Census information.
  • The Census does ask for the names and birthdates of all persons living in your home.
  • The Census does ask whether you own or rent your home – They do not ask for the name of your mortgage company or for your landlord’s information.
  • The Census is delivered by the postal service to be completed and returned in a pre-paid envelope.
  • The Census is completed every 10 years, and is required by the Constitution.
  • The Census does determine how more than $400 billion will be allocated to communities across the country.
  • The Census does not send a representative to your home unless you fail to return the questionnaire via the pre-paid envelope in the mail.
  • The Census does not officially begin until April. Anyone contacting you prior to April claiming to have any affiliation with the Census is most likely a fraud.
  • DO NOT provide any information to them and contact your local police department immediately.

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