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Broward healer focusing on promoting South Florida holistic community with expo this weekend March 6-7

For many, the spiritual path begins with a guide. For others, such as Maria Baez, spiritual awareness is naturally a part of their essence from childhood.

“I was always connected to the path since I was a little girl and discovered my intuitive gift at age 12 when I was having prophetic dreams and images about future events,” said Baez, a Hallandale Beach-based spiritual healer. “I am a human-being who has found the right door and pathway to their true essence and mission and who is learning along the way, balancing the complexity of ‘real world’   and ‘a spiritual path’  which is always not always so easy.”

Baez purposefully set out in her 20s to follow the path to a spiritual guide and healer by training as a Reiki master (energy healing and chakra’s attunement techniques) and teacher, beginning her work healing special needs children along with Reiki circles for gifted children, eventually expanding to healings, readings and Reiki training for all ages, in both English and Spanish. Recently she has become a hypnotherapist and neurolinguistic programmer, but has a corporate background as an accountant and is a United States veteran.

About a year ago, Baez decided to become a guide for a larger group—creating a local online radio station for the ever-growing holistic community in South Florida.

“South Florida is the new Sedona, a place of transformation and healing—there is a population of over 12,000 registered holistic practitioners, and thousands of unregistered, self-employed and work-at-home practitioners, healers, alternative schools and soldiers of awareness in South Florida,” said Baez. “Thanks to them, practices such as yoga, Reiki, massage, energy healing and others that were considered taboo just a few years ago, are now widely accepted. Many of the techniques used by holistic practitioners originated in Eastern culture and gladly, many of them now work in tandem with traditional Western medicine and other therapies.”

Holistic services help people heal, connect to their human, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical balance and help achieve wellness, said Baez.

“As we approach 2012, our industry (healing, teaching and guidance) will come into great demand in assisting humans understand and cope with world’s upcoming physical and spiritual changes,” explained Baez, adding that is an offshoot of preparing to enter the Aquarian age of information and messages delivered in water and waves.

“That is why the Internet and mobile technology is taking over,” she said, adding she sees herself as a facilitator for communication. “When the universe brings someone into my path (for healing or teachings) they are ready to open the door…I just facilitate their smooth and not so confusing entrance. I am also using technology, sound waves and the power of the human voice to deliver a message and also to bring together soldiers of the light as myself to embrace their path.”

Holistic Globe Radio, which, long-term, is intended to promote holistic living globally is a transformation audio library and free spiritual resource free for listeners. It has daily shows and music programming that include Holistic, Alternative, Paranormal, Earth Friendly and Metaphysical Resources, Experts, Daily Shows and Free Classes (most programming is available for free download) as well as plenty of music that is a balm for your soul.

“We embrace new age artists, musicians, poets and writers, masters, experts, healers, teachers, authors, preachers, revolutionaries, prophets and visionaries whose life, legacy and actions embody their work and compassion to humanity,” said Baez. “It’s is our duty to educate and entertain the community and accentuate the need for the balance, alternative resources and earth friendly solutions that our industry provides.”

To compliment her now year-old radio project, Baez recently purchased Quantum Life Holistic Directory, a five-year-old Florida-based bi-annual publication that promotes and lists thousands of local holistic practitioners.

To launch the new endeavor and begin focusing on her goal of promoting the holistic community in South Florida, Baez has created Quantum Life’s 1st Annual Body-Mind-Spirit & Business Celebration honoring Holistic Practitioners around the globe—from coaches to yogis to naturopathic doctors and energy healers alike.

“We are not only honoring the Holistic Practitioners but also those who have utilized their services or are interested in learning more about them, want to become a practitioner, or just gain tips and insights from them on how to live an inspired and healthy life,” she said. Also, our holistic practitioners need more recognition and more exposure to help more people. Our shared goal is to help as many people as possible gain more control over their own well-being.
“This event is my way of giving back and honoring the contributions of the holistic community not only locally, but globally through my radio station, Holistic Globe Radio,” she added.

The expo is March 6-7 at the Embassy Suites Hotel, 1100 SE 17th St. Causeway, Fort Lauderdale. This celebration is bound to excite your chakras with awesome speakers, exhibitors, wellness products, services, music, dance, art, demonstrations and free gifts. Come out, learn and experience a holistic modality you’ve been curious about but never tried.

The event is open to anyone and the vendor spots have been sold out, so stop by to learn a little about the South Florida community. The event is family friendly. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Free for children younger than 12. Register at

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