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Families of three of the missing Lynn students release statement


(Yesterday) Lynn University President Kevin Ross urged the Lynn community to begin to heal and grieve for the four students and two professors still missing in Haiti. We understand and respect the motivations behind these statements. In recent days we have encouraged a similar mindset in some of the eight students who returned from Haiti unharmed – students with whom we have formed a lasting attachment.  They need to continue their education and focus on the work ahead of them, even at this difficult time.

For the student body we understand that life goes on. But as parents of missing children, our hearts are heavy today. We, the families of Britney, Stephanie and Christine, still have hope and will not give up hope until our daughters are found. Even as we are preparing for the worst, we are also hoping for a miracle.

At this moment, having our daughters returned to us is our highest priority. We have the assurances of those in the Department of State and those on site at the Hotel Montana that they will “to the best of (their) abilities” work to return our daughters to us. We pray that they can deliver on this promise, and that they can do the same for all of those lost at the Hotel Montana, as well as the estimated 4,500 Americans missing in Haiti.

Thank you:
While we are focused on getting news of our daughters, we cannot help but want to again thank all of those on-site at the Hotel Montana, officials at the State Department and U.S. Embassy, our elected officials, Lynn University administrators, and others we don’t even know, who have worked tirelessly on our behalf – and on behalf of all the families of the missing. And thanks also to our friends, families, and communities. Though our circumstances may make it hard to say enough, we are so grateful for all your prayers, support and efforts.

Privacy request:
Finally, we want to request that the media give us the privacy and distance we need at this time. We have been bombarded with requests and questions and, for the sake of ourselves and our families, request privacy. In the event that we feel the need to make other public statements, we expect to do those only through a statement of this kind.

Signed byLin and Lenny Crispinelli (parents of Stephanie), Jean and John Gianacaci (parents of Christine), and Cherylann and Leonard Gengel (parents of Britney).

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