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BSO deputy arrested for extortion

Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested a fellow employee Friday, two days after learning that he was involved in a drug-related extortion scheme.

Last Wednesday, September 30th, a citizen told a BSO supervisor that a district detective was extorting money from a man living near Fort Lauderdale. The victim, Orlando Gutierrez, gave a statement to BSO Internal Affairs detectives, detailing an encounter he had with Detective Manuel Silva on Tuesday, 9/29/09. The victim said Silva came to his home in plainclothes, but displaying a badge and gun. At Silva’s insistence, Gutierrez gave consent to a search of his home. Silva entered and found five marijuana plants growing inside the house. Silva told Gutierrez that he would not arrest him and seize his pot plants in return for cash. Silva also promised to tell Gutierrez who had tipped him off about the drugs in his house.

Gutierrez said it would take a couple of days to come up with the money. Silva told him that it would cost him more money since he was having to wait. The victim gave Silva his phone number and told him to call Thursday to arrange payment on Friday. On Thursday (10/1/09) the two men spoke and agreed to meet at 3 pm Friday at Gutierrez’ home for the payoff. Silva arrived at the house in his unmarked BSO car, took a portion of the cash and gave Gutierrez a photo of the tipster who told him about the illegal drugs. Gutierrez told Silva he would have the rest of the money between 7:30 and 8:00 pm. Silva returned to the house later and took more money from Gutierrez. Detectives followed Silva from the area and stopped and arrested him in Plantation a few minutes later. Inside his BSO vehicle they found 16 Oxycodone pills and a prescription bottle for Cialis with the label partially removed.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office has been working with the Broward State Attorney’s Public Corruption Unit since the inception of the investigation.

The investigation is continuing and any other victims are encouraged to come forward. Anyone with information can call BSO Internal Affairs at

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