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Fright Nights open Oct. 14

You can feel October creeping up on you and that can only mean something else will soon be creeping up as well….  Fright Nights, the scariest Halloween phenomenon ever, returns to the .  This year’s terror-full attraction kicks off Thursday, October 14th and has been redesigned to be scarier than ever before!  Advance discount tickets are available through October 13th…. online at





In the small, otherwise peaceful town of Haigsville, Indiana, a murderous family of mutants resides on the outskirts. They rely on inbreeding, in an effort to remain pure, and their bloodline is infected with the need to hunt and the love of the kill. Their Cult is headed by a charismatic leader with one goal; increase the power of the family or kill anyone who gets in the way. The local townsfolk are under lock and key as the streets are littered with the torn remains of the family’s victims.


Did you ever get over those childhood fears? I’ll bet the monster under your bed, the slasher in your closet, the killer in the basement are haunting you to this day, aren’t they? You still get a cold chill when you hear a noise behind you or the lights go out for the night. The truth is you never grew out of those basic fears and that is exactly what The FREAKERS feed upon. Take a trip back to when you were just a little kid who was deathly afraid of what might be lurking in the shadows… You will come to realize that it is all true and the FREAKERS are waiting for you.


It has been a year since our Dr. Andreu went solo in the corner of town thick with abandoned warehouses and factories to perform questionable procedures with his partner, self proclaimed Dr. Gooch. When Andreu refused to expand his practices despite his cohort’s enthusiasm, Gooch took over. Now with Dr. Andreu under the knife, the crazies have been let loose and new innocents flood the operation tables every day. Their fate: to join the others wandering the halls devoid of sanity.

Plus… Monster Midway Rides, Games & more!

From a monster midway with thrilling rides and challenging games to a food pavilion and new scare zones, at Fright Nights we are dedicated to making sure you enjoy your visit. We pay close attention to artistic detail in our sets and concentrate on the best ways to get a rise out of you.
There is always the chance that you may come face to face with some of your deepest fears. So, keep checking over your shoulder…who knows what may lurk in the shadows?


Opening weekend

Thursday, October 14 through Saturday, October 16

Then October 21-23 & 28-30 with The Grand Frightening Finale – Sun., Oct. 31


Thursdays: 6pm-11pm

Fridays & Saturdays: 6pm-Midnight

Halloween 6pm-11pm


Total Terror Ticket: $25.00 - Admission to Park + one-time entry to each of

the three Haunted Attractions and Unlimited Monster Midway Rides.

General Admission: $15.00 - Admission to Park + one-time entry to each of

the three Haunted Attractions. (Midway Rides Not Included)

Additional Haunts and Ride tickets can be purchased inside at Ticket Booths.

Advance tickets available NOW online at

Regular tickets are available at (After 10/13) and nightly at the door.

Tickets subject to applicable service charges

For more info & the purchase tickets:


This event contains special effects, dark places, strobe and other lighting, loud noises, gruesome makeup and other disturbing images. Patrons are advised to make intelligent decisions regarding attendance for themselves and their families to each attraction, however if you are pregnant, suffer from back or neck problems, heart conditions or seizure disorder, extra consideration is advised. All attractions are designed to scare, frighten, shock, startle, cause excessive perspiration, nervousness and panic. It is recommended that children under 12 do not enter these attractions. You have been advised!

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