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Stephen Ayers is the Architect of the Capital. In this capacity he has President Obama’s ear regarding matters architectural. Speaking at the recent AIA Convention in Miami, Florida he opened with a joking commentary regarding replacing the solar panels that were once on the White House. He seemed to think that even with the emphasis on energy efficiency we should keep this under control.

Enter founder Bill McKibben and a group of Unity College students who will start driving on September 7 from Maine to Washington, D.C. with one of the original solar panels placed on the WHite House by President Jimmy Carter in 1979.

In 1986, seven years later, President Reagan removed the panels from the White House. These panels found a home on top of the cafeteria on Unity College and have been there ever since. That is until now, when one panel will make a journey back to hopefully be placed back on the roof of the White House for a clean energy policy that relies on renewable energy. Appropiately, they will be driving a van utilizing bio-diesel.

It is time to get involved in the 10.10.10 action day for climate change. Asking President Obama to re-install solar panels on the White House roofwill lead the way to installing solar panels along rooftops all over the country.

Follow the “Put Solar On It” road trip. They will also be live-blogging, live-twittering and facebook-ing to let everyone know what is going on. Show support for the road trip. Send an email to President Obama. Meet the road trip along its route. Go to .

Make a poster that says “Put Solar On It” and display it for the world to see. Send the photo to and see it featured on the trip website.

Bill McKibben was on David Letterman’s Late Show on Tuesday, August 31 announcing the solar road trip.

Want to get involved in the 10/10/10 action day for climate change? Check into what is happening in your local area.

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