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House passes Klein’s Iran amendment

The U.S. House today passed an amendment authored by Congressman Ron Klein (FL-22) to crack down on companies doing business with Iran. The Klein amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act adds a tough new provision which goes farther than current sanctions law.

“It’s time to present a simple choice,” Klein said. “Companies can prop up the dangerous rouge regime in Iran, or they can do business with the U.S. government and Department of Defense – not both. This legislation makes it very clear that the American people will not allow Iran to continue their headlong pursuit of nuclear weapons – not on our watch, and certainly not on our dime.”

The Klein amendment prohibits any company doing business with Iran from applying for contracts with the Department of Defense. Under current law, the Administration must name a company that is in violation of Iran sanctions before any punitive action can be taken, but unfortunately, no President of either party has ever made that designation. Meanwhile, over $100 billion in government contracts have gone to companies that do business with Iran. Congressman Klein thinks this is unacceptable, and that is why his amendment doesn’t wait for Administration action. Under Klein’s amendment, before a company can even apply for a DoD contract, it must state that it does not conduct business with Iran.

If a company submits a false certification, consequences can include suspension from future contracts.

Klein, the author of the Accountability for Business Choices in Iran Act, is among a small group of leaders negotiating final text for a comprehensive Iran sanctions legislation, scheduled to pass both houses of Congress before July 4. Klein stressed his commitment to comprehensive sanctions today, but added that we do not have a single day to waste.

“There is a fierce urgency when it comes to cracking down on the regime in Iran,” Klein said. “We cannot afford to waste a single day, and that is why I attached tough sanctions to today’s Defense Authorization bill. As we continue to work towards comprehensive new sanctions legislation, I believe we must take every possible opportunity to put the squeeze on the Iranian regime.”

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