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Drinking water chlorine disinfection begins May 19 in Broward

Broward County will begin its semi-annual free chlorine disinfection on May 19, 2010 and end June 19, 2010.  According to Broward County, the switch to free chlorine has been very effective in reducing biological re-growth in the distribution system and is effective in helping maintain chlorine residual levels at the extremities of the distribution system during their normal chloramine disinfection process.

During this process, residents may experience a slight change in both the taste and smell of the water. The water will remain safe to drink, to use for cooking, to bathe in, and for other everyday uses. After the free chlorination is completed, the County will return to its normal method of disinfection.

Persons currently undergoing dialysis or with a compromised immune system should consult their health care provider to determine whether the change in disinfection will affect their treatment. In addition, anyone who has a fish tank or pond, including grocery stores and restaurants with lobster tanks and fish containers at bait shops, that uses city water should contact a pet or aquarium professional to determine the need for any adjustments to their aquarium treatment procedures. Please note it takes approximately two weeks for the chlorine to clear so the taste and smell changes may be present until approximately July 5, 2010.

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3 Comments for “Drinking water chlorine disinfection begins May 19 in Broward”

  1. Carolina Quackenbush

    Is the water safe to drink? How much is the Chlorine level in the water? I am allergic to bleach, and I am worry about drinking and bathing with this water… actually, I am more worried about my baby, I have a 2 month old and I don;t know if the water is safe to bath him in? Why there wasn’t any news letter sent to the people in the county about this? we live in Dania and the smell of the water had started giving me headaches…

  2. Omalley

    It’s October 29th now and our water in Dania just reeks of chlorine and/or bleach… It’s disgusting!!!

  3. Omalley

    Ok, this problem is getting worse and I honestly don’t know how to get anyone’s attention. A few days ago the water’s chlorine level must have quadrupled because now the smell of the water is so strong I vomited when I was washing my face this morning. My family and I have lived here for only a few months and are disgusted with the all around state of Dania. We are moving back to Miami Beach next month. If anyone is thinking about coming here, please do yourself a favor and look somewhere else.


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