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“Secret Supperer” chows down at Payzins in Coral Springs

By Steve Cabeza,

I had a great experience at Payzins Restaurant and Bar in Coral Springs thanks to the fine folks at The Food for Thought Radio Show and as this week’s “secret supperer.” Thanks!

Located in a big, black office building, Payzins is the former location of Steve’s Steakhouse. Payzins doesn’t look like much from the outside. Just a plain sign on a big black building, and the logo and signage don’t really engender any type of positive (or negative) sort of impression. But that all changes once you go through the doors. The first thing you notice is the extremely helpful, eager, and attentive staff. From the hostesses to the servers, to management, everyone is dialed in and on the same page to make your visit a memorable one.

A 13-year veteran of this location, Wayne (our server) has a great sense of the area and is a fountain of hospitality history knowledge. He’s done his time as a bartender in the past (at the Russian Tea Room in NYC where he used to be Prince Charles’ favorite Giblet-maker) and is an asset to Payzins. His knowledge and command of the menu was much appreciated and his commitment to his craft is what I look for when I go out. What an ambassador of Payzins brand.

Payzins décor is cool too, and so is the size of the place. It feels like a cross between a cool lounge and a conservative and haughty library when you enter, but that’s not the vibe at all. The vibe is of a fun and comfortable family place. You notice lots of hugging going on between the staff and customers, and between customers and other customers. And most everybody in the place looked like they were in a good mood and having a great time.

Payzins doesn’t have a specials menu, but what they do have is special pricing on the menu at all times. About 20 entrees are priced “2-4-$30” and about a dozen entrees are priced “2-4-$40.” LauraLee and I decided to have one from each side of the menu, and we chose what Wayne suggested as the “best bets.” That included Macadamia Nut Crusted Tilapia with fresh sautéed zucchini & squash and linguine with olive oil and garlic. We also chose the 14-ounce Cajun Ribeye with the Red Mashed Potatoes and mixed veggies.

The tilapia was some of the best I’ve ever had. The ribeye was delicious and cooked to perfection (hot, pink center). The Tomato Caprese appetizer ($9) was outstanding. I love balsamic vinegar (so much so that I drink what’s leftover in the bowl when I’m done with the salad) and their take on it is what sealed the deal. The tomatoes were fresh and I appreciated how they were symmetrical and evenly sliced to match the mozzarella, so they get an “A” for presentation. The French Onion Soup was tasty too.

All smiles after a great meal!

Most entrees come with an endless salad and fruit bar which is quite the hit with Payzins usual crowd. The music (Tuesday and Thursdays they have “Do-Wop”) was a hit with the crowd too as the dance floor was packed when we left. Learn more about the drink specials and ambiance at this Examiner Bar Review.

House wine and Svedka Vodka was half priced for Happy Hour (until 6:30 p.m.), and our entire bill didn’t break $100 bucks with tip. Payzins is located at . (aturday is Disco Night, so you can look for me there a Saturday soon. Visit them online at

Steve is an aspiring writer, devout Floridaphile, marketing guy, and food & drink lover who enjoys sharing his experiences and hearing of others. Find his local bar articles at and his personal blog at He can be reached at .

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