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County to look at climate change plan recommendations

By Valerie J. Amor

The Broward County Climate Change Task Force will submit the Broward Climate Action Plan for consideration of approval at an upcoming Broward County commission meeting.

The Broward County Climate Change Task Force completed work on and approved the “Broward Climate Change Action Plan –Addressing our Changing Climate” at their March 18, 2010 meeting. The Action Plan was developed in fulfillment of the Broward County Board of County Commissioners’ charge to the Task Force to develop recommendations for a countywide climate program designed to mitigate the causes of and adapt to the consequences of climate change.

The Board will consider approval of the Action Plan on May 4, 2010. A 30-minute overview presentation on the Action Plan will be given to the Board starting at 11:30 a.m.

Anyone interested is encouraged to attend the meeting in Room 422 of the Government Center at 115 S. Andrews Avenue in downtown Fort Lauderdale or you can watch the Broward County Commission meeting online at as well as on cable channel 12.

Jared E. Moskowitz, Vice Chair and Commissioner Kristin Jacobs, Chair, Broward County Climate Change Task Force (BCCCTF)

The Broward County Climate Change Task Force was originally formed by resolution on June 24, 2008 to develop recommendations for a coordinated countywide strategy in mitigating the causes, and addressing the local implications, of global climate change. The task force began its task in earnest in December of 2008. The task force’s efforts were supported by the creation of seven subcommittees each with a specific focus area –

  • Greenhouse Gas Reductions
  • Renewable and Alternative Energy Subcommittee
  • Intergovernmental Affairs and Communication
  • Economic, Social and Health Subcommittee
  • Property and Infrastructure/Built Environment Adaptation
  • Science and Technical
  • Natural Systems Adaptation

Typically both the task force and the subcommittees met on a monthly basis, provided with presentations and additional information by staff as needed to maximize their efforts. The result of this coordinated effort is the 113 page document entitled the Broward Climate Change Action Plan .

Recommendations included in the report are:

  • Create an Office of Sustainability (Sustainability Climate Program)
  • Support a Regional Collaborative Climate Action Plan
  • Collaborate on Joint Legislative Policies
  • Amend the County Comprehensive Plan
  • Support Everglades Restoration and Enhance the Urban Ecosystem
  • Incorporate Climate Change Adaptation into Public Infrastructure Planning
  • Protect Water Resources
  • Improve Modeling, Monitoring, and Mapping Ability
  • Amend Zoning and Building Regulations
  • Create a Functional Mass Transportation System
  • Develop Renewable and Alternative Energy Programs
  • Increase Recycling/Promote Zero Waste
  • Support Marketing and Incentives
  • Provide Outreach and Education

To go to the Broward County website,

As an architectural consultant, LEED AP, LEED certification reviewer, real estate broker and AIA associate, Valerie J. Amor is dynamically engaged in sustainability and issues regarding the built environment. Actively participating in several local, county and national organizations and committees focused on sustainability issues, she is also owner/principal of Drawing Conclusions and founder/president of Green Collar Connection, companies engaged in sustainable design, real estate development, green job training and research. Knowledgeable and well connected she brings you timely and thoughtful articles. Reach her at .

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