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More tips to reduce water/energy bills

By Fraser Allport

It is the rare property owner who is going to invest in their property and lose money for the sake of helping Earth. Everyone wants to reduce their utility bills and simultaneously help the environment.That’s a given. The hurdle is getting the math to make sense so that these green investments can be initiated and proceed profitably.

As Consultants, we advise our Clients that an return on investment (ROI) of 24 months or less is both feasible and necessary. Accelerated depreciation and generous tax incentives for green investments enable many energy and water saving projects to move forward with an ROI of 24 months or less. That’s the economic litmus test for our Clients – “ Green ” Energy and Water saving investments that yield an ROI of 24 months or less. If a project has an ROI that exceeds 24 months, we find our client a different solution. As mentioned above, a significant benefit for property owners is that today’s marketplace offers buyers a variety of energy and water saving solutions from multiple vendors.

The goal for our clients is energy and/or water saving investments that will generate savings that exceed the financing costs. If savings exceed costs, then an energy and water savings project will have immediate positive cash flow. That’s the driver on these projects : A quantifiable and immediate reduction in utility bills with a positive cash flow from day 1. Within 24 months, the finance payment ends while the savings continue. Tax incentives further accelerate the ROI. This is how you “Go Green ”.


No matter who you work with, we strongly recommend the industry-wide methodology that our firm adheres to. Look for a turnkey process where you have support from start to finish :

• Savings Analysis and Site Survey
• Cost/Benefit Analysis
• Calculation and Certification of Tax Incentives
• ROI of 24 months or less
• Competitive Bids
• Financing options for Positive Cash Flow from Day 1
• Implementation – General Contractor oversight from Start to Finish
• Warranty and On-Site Service
• Written Guaranty – Guaranteed Savings in writing
• Money-Back Guarantee – Satisfaction and Savings are Guaranteed


Every day that you continue to needlessly overpay your escalating utility bills your ROI is zero. Over-paying your utility bills enriches the utility company and impoverishes you. Over-paying the IRS is also not necessary. Pay your fair share of taxes, but don’t over-pay. Throwing away cash is unnecessary when there are Cost-Saving solutions for you in today’s marketplace … if you reach out for them. It’s not hard to do – just start an Internet search for relevant key words. As with any success in life, the key is to be proactive and go for it. No one is going to reduce your business expenses except you!

Lastly, find yourself a trustworthy shepherd to guide you throughout this entire process. Seek out consultants who will help you successfully navigate and complete the process of making your property energy and water efficient. Going it alone in a technical industry new to you is neither practical nor wise. A good consultant will build you a great team … with measurable results. But the first step is yours. Stop over-paying your taxes and utility bills needlessly. Invest in your property … not the utility company and the IRS.

Fraser Allport is the owner of Energy, Water and Taxes, a green company that focuses on helping businesses lower their bills through the use of green technologies. To learn more about Fraser, visit his Web site or click here to read more about Fraser on

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