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New Children’s Services Council building goes green; with video

Broward just got a little greener with the opening of the new Children’s Services Council building in Lauderhill on Nov. 19. In 2000, voters approved a new property tax to provide services to children and families in Broward County. Several years ago, the council recognized they would need a permanent home as the council’s services grew.

“Three years ago we embarked on this journey—it is now in the center of Broward County…to be accessible…and we are committed to improving quality services available to children and families,” said Cindy Arenberg, CEO of the Children’s Services Council, adding that the facility had meeting and training rooms for different groups to utilize. “Children were involved in the process, learning how to build clean and [will learn about a butterfly garden built by Roy Rogers and his grandson].”

At the heart of the project was that it is expected to be silver LEED certified—LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is the federally recognized standard for environmentally friendly buildings.

“It has drought tolerant landscaping, high efficient air conditioning, improved air quality, water efficient plumbing, natural light, recycled materials and certified wood,” said Ana Valladares, chair of the council board. “[The] additional savings will be reinvested into programs for children and families—it is a winning combination…and reinforces our commitment to the community by teaching children about the importance of respecting the planet and being good responsible citizens.”

Joining CSC staff were numerous local officials, including Sen. Ari Porth, Sen. Nan Rich (considering the mother of CSC of Broward, Lauderhill officials, James Notter, Broward Superintendent and Broward Commissioner Sue Gunzburger who was recently appointed vice mayor.

Learn more about the Children’s Services Council at

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1 Comment for “New Children’s Services Council building goes green; with video”

  1. Valerie Parkhurst

    I am not sure the taxpayers will like this:

    No funds of the council shall be expended except by check as
    aforesaid, except the expenditure of petty cash or the issuance of checks made
    payable for sums no greater than $5,000, shall be expended without prior
    approval of the council, in addition to the budgeting thereof.
    The Council’s procurement policies and procedures stipulate that expenditures are approved by the
    Council prior to being expended. As such, the financial system requires a Council Approval (CA) date at
    multiple points throughout the system including all processed payments. Internal controls for tracking
    expenditures in accordance with the statute are validated by auditors every year and there have been no
    significant deviations since the inception of the Council.
    Since 2004 at the Council’s direction, staff was instructed to only provide back-up material for purchases
    when the item is over $10,000. As always, back-up for purchases below $10,000 are available upon
    Current Status: In accordance with policy, please find attached the Invoices, Travel,
    Purchase Orders, Sponsorships, etc. for the month of November, 2009.
    To facilitate reviewing the various purchases, staff has segregated the items into various categories.
    This month includes the blanket PO’s necessary for the building maintenance activities such as cleaning,
    lawn and pest control services all of which is coordinated through Commercial Property Management
    Group (CPMG). CSC merely pays for these services in order to realize any possible sales tax savings.
    Please note that items over $10,000 have a specific Issue Paper or copy of the related back-up attached
    to further explain the expenditure. Additional information for any expenditure is available upon request.

    From website


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