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Congressional candidate Lynch disputes Deutch endorsement

Ed Lynch, a Republican candidate for U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler’s recently vacated seat in the 19th Congressional district, has expressed concerns about endorsements by Wexler and the South Florida Congressional Delegation of Sen. Ted Deutch who is also running for the seat. Wexler announced his decision to retire in January 2010 to take a position as president of the Center for Middle East Peace (Wexler resigns form Congress).

“With the South Florida Congressional Delegation’s endorsement of Ted Deutch, there can be no further doubt- Ted Deutch is in lockstep agreement with his Party’s proposed government takeover of health care, a reckless measure that will certainly jeopardize Seniors’ health care,” said Lynch. “The South Florida Congressional Delegation’s unanimous endorsement of Senator Deutch effectively transfers their complete support of the overwhelmingly unpopular health care “reform” proposals that are currently being rammed through Congress right on to Ted Deutch’s shoulders, otherwise he never would have received their endorsement,”

Lynch claims these proposed measures will cut Medicare services by at least $500 billion, deny critical health care services and procedures to seniors, and will ultimately restrict seniors’ health care options.

“Seniors can also expect longer waits for appointments as physicians get pinched on Medicare reimbursements, and they will disproportionately experience the brunt of the proposed taxes, fees, assessments, and mandates that the various legislative proposals contain,” Lynch added. “Whatever version of the legislation that is ultimately passed will harm seniors. According to the AMA, Medicare denied over 475,000 claims in FY 2008- significantly more than ALL insurance companies combined. These proposed cuts to Medicare will only make the Medicare claim rejection more likely for seniors.”

Wexler, in contrast, endorsed Deutch as his replacement Sunday night, saying that he would be a great representative in Congress.

“Many of you have written and expressed concern that, with my departure, you’d lose a voice on behalf of the important issues in Congress that we all care so much about,” said Wexler, in a letter to his constituents. “(I give) enthusiastic support for Ted Deutch to succeed me in Congress. Ted is a young State Senator who is a leader of the next generation of progressive American lawmakers.  He is a strong and bold progressive .  As a Congressman, I believe he’ll be an excellent champion of progressive ideals and true accountability.”

Deutch responded enthusiastically, citing his belief for strong progressive voices in Congress.

“You should know that in my view, a full recovery means we don’t settle for health care “reforms” that fail to live up to the promises of our great victories in 2008,” said Deutch. “We must reign in insurance company abuses and provide coverage for the uninsured – and Congress should not give up on the public option.”

However Lynch vehemently disagrees.

“Ted Deutch is now the point man for Democrats in District 19 whose burden it is to defend the indefensible, as there are over 130,000 seniors in the District whose health care will be directly jeopardized by these health care proposals,” said Lynch. “Ted Deutch needs to explain to the District’s voters why Democrats are continuing their heavy handed partisan political tactics to secure a government takeover of American health care that the people overwhelmingly oppose, and I look forward to holding him to account.”

Deutch is the leading Democrat in the bid for Wexler’s seat during a special election. Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has yet to set an election date, but Wexler will be stepping down in January. Broward Mayor Stacy Ritter has indicated she would consider the position, and several other Republicans have expressed interest.

Lynch ran against Wexler in 2008 and took 27% of the vote in his first race for an elected position. Lynch was recently endorsed by  Jackie Mason who said that he really believed in Lynch.

“I’m not in the business of doing commercials but one of the things I believe in more than anything else is Edward Lynch. He’s a great humanitarian, he would do anything for Israel and he cares about Medicare to make sure the health program that they are trying to sell you right now is not put in place and he is fighting for Medicare.  He talks from the heart,” explained Mason, an entertainer, social commentator and political satirist.

According to recent polls at the Rasmussen Report, 49% of Americans believe no reform this year is better than the plan put forth by Congress, though 39% disagree and say the current effort is better than doing nothing.

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