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Lowry running against Wasserman-Schultz for District 20

From Robert Lowry’s campaign office
At a time when many Americans are outraged by the entitlement mentality and reckless spending habits of the political class in Washington DC,  Hollywood, FL resident Robert Lowry has decided to step up and run for Congress as a candidate for the United States House of Representatives in Florida’s 20th Congressional District.  Lowry is running against incumbent Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and by extension against the rampant corruption and lack of fiscal discipline that is so prevalent in Congress.
“The House of Representatives is full of professional politicians who have completely lost touch with the will and hopes of their constituents. That is not the way this republic was intended to operate,” replied Lowry when asked why he was running for the traditionally Democrat held seat.  “Representatives are passing laws that mandate enormous changes and adjustments in the lives of their constituents, meanwhile they take pains to maintain their own privileged lives.  This has to be stopped.”
Lowry knows what he’s talking about.  As a longtime resident and business owner in South Florida, he sees the negative effects of restrictive lawmaking in Washington, D.C. on a daily basis.  “America was founded on the provision of ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’  Yet consistently, lawmakers in Washington are limiting the rights of South Floridians and all Americans through massive spending, ineffective legislation, and pointless resolutions.  They have no motivation to fix any of our mounting problems, because that would put them out of a job.  That attitude is unacceptable.”
Lowry has a platform that encompasses a wide array of issues, but his immediate concern focuses on the economic responsibility and fiscal restraint that has been sorely lacking in Congress — repealing the pork-laden stimulus package, decreasing the size and scope of government, and tax reform.   “Government has no money of its own—  it is our money that they are spending.  Too many politicians today have forgotten this truth, and I will never cease in reminding them of this fact.  We have a massive federal government comprised of multiple agencies that try to do the same job.  In Congress, there are multiple oversight committees, some overseeing other oversight committees, all requiring full staffs. This state of affairs has long passed the point of absurdity.  It’s time for American citizens to elect someone who will take a hard look at our bloated government and bring positive solutions.  I’m going to Washington, D.C. to turn the light on– to determine which programs are actually working, and which ones are just pocketing funds.  The next step after that will be positive solutions that will provide true relief to taxpayers.”
Lowry is so adamant about term limits that he himself will take the lead in this issue. “I will only serve a maximum of 3 terms.  That is how our Founding Fathers intended representative service to be.  They intended for average people to become citizen-legislators.  In times past, members of Congress had a private business or practiced a trade before and after their service in Washington, DC.  They would then return home to their states and cities, to live under the laws that they wrote and voted on.  Our country was never designed to have the nation run by professional politicians who are never subject to the laws that they create.”
Lowry is running as a Republican, however he is quick to point out the problems on both sides of the aisle. “Both parties have representatives who have forgotten what it means to truly represent their constituents.  Our representative in District 20 just happens to be a Democrat, and she is failing by any objective standard.”  Lowry adds, “Proper and effective representation is not a Democrat thing or a Republican thing, it’s an American thing.  Proper representation is demanded by the Constitution.  That’s why I am stepping up to do my Constitutional duty.”
Lowry’s website is  He encourages all people to begin the discussion and debate by contacting him directly via email, letters, or phone. “I want to hear what people have to say, so I can accurately represent District 20 when I get to Washington DC.”

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