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Florida House refuses $444 million in unemployment aid

House Republicans today voted to accept nearly $2 billion in federal stimulus money to extend the length of time that unemployed workers receive assistance.  Part of the $2 billion will also be used to increase the weekly benefit by $25. House Republicans realize that this funding can help bridge the gap for Floridians until they can find another job.  Helping create jobs for Floridians and revitalizing our state’s economy for the long-term remains the top priority for House Republicans.
Unfortunately, the strings attached by the Obama Administration to an additional $444 million in unemployment funding are an unfunded mandate once the federal dollars run out. In order to accept an additional $444 million in federal dollars, Florida law must be permanently changed to expand unemployment benefits to people who currently do not qualify for them.
This permanent expansion is only covered by federal dollars for two months, after which that expansion becomes an unfunded mandate that Florida must pay for long-term on its own with money it currently does not have. Making this permanent expansion gives Florida short-term, federal dollars that cover two months of costs, but commits the state to long-term costs leaving an even bigger deficit with negative consequences including higher taxes on Floridians and the potential of additional job losses.
*From a letter from the House Majority Office

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  1. Jeanne d'Eauede

    The trouble with taking “Free Money” is it is NEVER FREE. At some point we must stop thinking government and begin thinking me i.e. I can do it, I can work, I can support myself and family, I can pay for what I can afford and don’t want those things I can not afford.


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