You Can Lose Your Job If You Fail The 5 Panel Drug Test

five panel drug testsFive panel drug tests are considered to be the most efficient way to determine whether or not a person is on drugs. This is one of the tests that most organizations ensure is conducted before they decide to hire employees. If you have all the skills that are required to get into the position however if you feel this test you will not be able to join the organization. A 5 panel drug test has become a mandate for all employees today. This test is a urine test and there can be no malpractice which makes it very convenient to get them done. It can be conducted without the presence of a medical supervisor and it is a self help test that you can do even in your own organization.

Most organization these days order these tests and surprise their employees by conducting it on random days. This is one of the main reasons why you need to stop any sort of drugs that you are on if you are keen on holding onto your job. Organizations these days have become very strict when it comes to the use of drugs and they are firing employees who are failing this drug test for a number of reasons. People who are on drugs tend to stay very short tempered and create a lot of chaos in the workplace. This does not go down well with other employees and the performance of a person under the influence of drugs is limited which is why they are considered a liability and they are fired.

five panel drug testsIf you are planning on going for a job interview and you are under the influence of some sort of drugs it is very essential for you to stop using these drugs at least two weeks prior to the interview. A person stopping the drug also needs to conduct some sort of detoxification to eliminate the last traces of the drug from your body. You need to remember that a five panel drug test manages to trace even small amounts of drugs present in your body and this is why the sooner you stop the use of any drugs the better it is for you. If you fail the job test you might end up losing a very good opportunity even if you possess all the right skills that are required for the job.

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