Why Is Gaming Considered As An Evil?

Everyone knows very well about the benefits of gaming, but no one is aware of what the cons of it are. Games are booming the world today, but its addiction can lead to the people developing a tendency of seclusion and also isolation. Daily playing means total separation from the family and friends. However, not concerned about personal hygiene is a mere beginning and all this leads to the displacement from the social scene. As a result of this, one becomes more stubborn and rude to himself and society. Other than this, there are a plethora of bad things which itself get into the gaming addict personality. Few of them are:

Physical Disorders

Excess gaming leads to physical disorders like Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Arthritis.

Moreover, studies have proven this that more playing games invite severe issues with the person’s thumb as this area is highly used while playing any game. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is a condition in which there exists a high level of pressure on a nerve in the wrist. All this results in not allowing certain hand movements and one will suffer more pain. In results, nothing can conquer the arising pain even not the benefits you got from domino99 online.

Unhealthy Eating Habits and Depression

From daily morning to late excessive playing games means no proper dietary routine because the gamer always kept on thinking about what the next level of game is going to be all about. Even not to waste time in cooking, they start going for an outside unhealthy fast food. However, all this not only deteriorates one’s health but also start becoming the victim of depression. Depression makes one slowly get neglected by everyone and thus drags gamer into more trouble.

To me, it shall be wise to end up with saying that video games, when played in moderation, can promote good health. I am recommending you to address all the issues related to gaming properly.