Why Fall In Love With The JadeScape Condo And Its Amenities?

The property with the name JadeSpace condominium is an ongoing project which is being developed in the region of Thompson area and is built over the ancient site of the Shifu ville.  The estate is located in a prime location of the city and is being under construction. The property has started its selling from the month of September 2018. The estate has been designed by a renowned architect with the name of Paul Tange. The name of the property displays the quality of the property. Jade is a type of valuable stone which indicates that the property in itself will be luxurious and valuable for the buyer. Scape, on the other hand, denotes a setting which is inspired by the natural environment. Together the name JadeScape denotes that a luxurious estate which is situated in the lap of mother nature. This article will guide you with different amenities which is being provided in the premise.

Amenities of JadeScape Condominium:

  • Parks

The place is near to two very famous parks which can be a better place in order to go for a family outing as well as a professional picnic. These parks can be very beneficial for those who have love hiking and biking and other adventurous outdoor activities.

  • Weather

Another benefit which will be enjoyed by people living in this estate is the climate of the property. The temperature in here is comparatively less than other parts of the island. So, it can be a reason to love this property.

  • Other amenities

The property in itself is complete. It has its own market, banks, shops, schools, supermarkets, and even some very delicious food centres.

JadeScape is a great property to live on the island of Singapore. If a person wants to know about the property, they can log on to https://www.the-jadescapecondo.com/ and get the details about the real estate easily.