Why Blaming Video Games For Violence Of Any Kind Is A Mistake

In the aftermath of numerous large scale shootings that occurred within a single day, Donald Trump, the President of the United States have held video games accountable for the violent attacks. The statement by Trump has led a lot of other similarly minded politicians to make a shot at video games. Those politicians include Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, as well as Joe Biden, a politician who wants to run for president. They all have something in common, which is to blame video games for the acts of violence that were committed in real life.

How video games became a scapegoat
Since the beginning of video games, they have provided a source of ethical tension as well as a handy scapegoat with regard to great acts of violence of any kind. However, pinning the consequence on game titles just lets society avoid dealing with the real source of violence by blaming something that is completely unrelated.
Video games first got the criticism of inspiring violence with the game Death Race back in 1976. In that game, you can run over pedestrians, in which politicians, journalists, and parents have worried that it can cause people to do that in real life. Unsurprisingly, no such things occurred. However, that does not stop the same people in blaming other video games for violence
Why blaming video games is a mistake
Online gambling websites such as bandarq are often blamed too along with regular video games. Blaming video games for the things that are not its fault is a very big mistake that people are doing. By blaming video games, they shift the attention away from the real source of violence. As such, those real sources continues to inspire violent actions while video games get all the blame.