Where to Apply for Gadget Insurance

Not all of us has experience a broken phone, laptop or tablet but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t apply for gadget insurance; don’t wait for the moment that you actually break a gadget before saying ‘I should get a gadget insurance’. The moment that your expensive and uninsured gadget get into an accident, listen closely and you can almost hear your heart break alongside the your wallet’s cries; yup, of course you need to have it replaced especially if it’s essential in your school or work environment. mobile-phone-1230984_960_720

You’re going to use your gadget for a long time so you better take care of it, but accidents are still a real threat to your gadget; no, you can’t prevent them that’s why they’re called accidents. It’s better to be safe than sorry, plus it’s a great investment to avoid future hefty costs for repairs and replacements.

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Debenhams Gadget Insurance has strived to offer some of the best kind of policies and coverage that our gadgets need. They offer a wide selection of policies which are specifically designed to suit anyone’s fast paced and ever changing lifestyle. This is all made possible thanks to the varying levels of coverage. The policies are also kept fair and simple, but are accompanied by top quality services at prices much more affordable than any other gadget insurance companies out there. Below are some of the key aspects as to why you should choose them:

  • Unlimited Claims – yes, you read that right, you can make unlimited claims. To be clear, there are no limits as to how many accidental damage or theft and even loss in which you file for claim. This covers any one year unlike most of the company’s competitors who hide these simple facts alongside the fine print.
  • High Rate of Claim Approval – around 93% of all claims are approved, the policies provide you with certainty as whenever an unfortunate event happens and you need to file for your claim. In order to back up their statement, they actually publish their claim percentage on their website.
  • Incredibly Skilled Engineers – all their company engineers regularly train on repairing the latest kind if technology, the use updated procedures and know exactly what to do with your gadget. This ensures that you receive your fully functioning device, as good as new.
  • 12 Month Warranties on Replacements – all the replacements offered by their company are backed up by a 1 year or 12 month warranty. So basically, if you’re not all that thrilled with the quality of the repair or replacement done to your gadget, inform them so you can swap it off; this is of course free of charge.
  • No Charge on Laptop Collection and Returns – any costs regarding UK return postage regarding any gadget are not charged. They offer a free collection and return policy on laptops and even MacBooks. This is a door to door service through their specialized courier service to ensure the safety of your laptop.

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