What To Look For In An Emotional Support Dog Letter

If you are moving or flying into a neighborhood where animals are not allowed, it is important to provide your treating physician with a sample letter so that he can sign and you can then present the letter together with your ID so that your emotional support dog letter is a legal document.  And when doing so, it is important to know what the federal law entails so that you are aware of your rights.emotional support dog letter

  • Emotional support dogs are protected by the federal laws. The FHAA and ACAA protect an individual who has the entitlement to an emotional support dog which is assisting them in their lives.
  • It is important to note that, if you have a service animal, you are entitled to access public accommodation together with your animal. It is a law which takes precedence over other local or individual state laws which might be prohibiting animals to enter into places like malls, stores, restaurants, airlines cruises, hotels, and taxi cabs among many others.emotional support dog letter
  • The 1988 Fair Housing Amendment Act prevents homeowners and landlord associations from preventing Emotional Support Animal from living with you. They are also prohibited from levying certain pet fees just because you are living with your animal.
  • It doesn’t matter the type of dog; any dog qualifies to be an emotional or service dog, thus nobody should place specifications to you on the type of dog to keep as an emotional support dog.
  • You are protected by the ACAA through being allowed to fly with your emotional support dog in the cabin of the plane without paying an extra charge for it.

The above information is very important and should be shared with friends and family on social media. The more people know about their rights, the better.

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