Watch Suicide Squad Movie on August 5, 2016

This coming August 5, 2016, the movie titled Suicide Squad will be released in the big screens. It is actually an American superhero themed movie, which is made based on the popular DC Comics. The distributor of such film is none other than Warner Bros. Pictures, and it is directed by the Superb American film director, David Ayer. David Ayer is also the writer of the movie and the movie producers are Richard Suckle and Charles Roven. You can be able to watch Suicide Squad in IMAX 3D, 2D, and 3D cinemas.maxresdefault Meet Some of the Movie’s Major Casts

The Suicide Squad is being starred with several extremely famous celebrities in the United States. In case you are very curious about them, then let’s try to know them together with their roles in the said movie.will-smith-why-deadshot-suicide-squad

    • Will Smith – The role of Will Smith here is the expert assassin and marksman known as Deadshot. He is actually a conflicted criminal, and he enjoys the fact that the authorities are constantly searching for him. Even though he is a criminal, he still tries to do good things just for the sake of his lovely young daughter.
    • Jared Leto – Jared Leto takes the role of a psychopathic supervillain known as Joker. In order to look more supervillain, David Ayer suggested that Jared should wear some tattoos. The role is actually an extreme challenge for Jared. In fact, he talked to a number of doctors and psychopaths to be well-prepared on the movie.

  • Margot Robbie – Margot Robbie is taking the role of a crazed supervillain as well as a previous psychiatrist known as Harley Quinn. Such character is something like full of emotions. The character can be very scary, funny, crazy and so many other emotions that you can feel.
  • Joel Kinnaman – Joel Kinnaman is the replacement of Tom Hardy in the role. Tom cannot make it due to conflict schedules. Joel takes the role of the Suicide Squad’s field leader known as Rick Flag. He takes action according to the orders of a government official, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis).

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