Vodafone Sim Ony Deals

Cellphones are an integral part of almost every individual’s life. In a busy world as ours, communication is key and being in touch has become a cakewalk with all the latest packages that the network service providers are coming up with! Vodafone is one such service provider and it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to attracting customers with fancy offers and bundles. Such bundles not only allow the customers to utilize their money effectively but also result in maximum profit for the provider.


One classic example is the release of Vodafone Sim Only deals which offer 12 month bundles at subsidized rates. Upto 15% can be saved by availing these deals and moreover, they provide a 30 day network guarantee which practically allows a customer to test the network before committing for a long period. Roaming charges are all taken care of and everything from texts, minutes to picture messages come under the bundle. There are 3 types of bundles available, with 1 GB, 2 GB and 5 GB data and the second bundle has an offer of 10%. Texts are unlimited in all 3 of these plans and the prices range from 15 to 17 pounds. While the regular Pay Monthly Offers come with a tablet, the Sim Only deals allow the customer to use their own phones.


While choosing 30 day packages allows one to cancel the plan any time he/she likes, opting for the 12 month bundle has its own advantages. One can enjoy better value 4G data at a price as low as 9.5 pounds. There also exists a ‘Pay as you go’ option which gives rewards every time one tops up and these Reward Points can be redeemed to buy accessories or even expensive gadgets. Can anything really get better than this?

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