Uncovered Discoveries in Video Game

Most of us have grown up when technology is just being invented. But as a kid, we are sure that you also think that video games are one of the best things that are ever developed. Now, thanks to togel hongkong, you still get to enjoy your favorite classics.

But did you know that some of your favorite games have hidden levels, quests, rewards, that it took years before it was discovered? So, we compiled some of these uncovered discoveries that were found in some of the well-known games.

The Apprentice – When you enter a certain set of codes correctly, it will reveal photos of naked women

Super Mario 64 – We are all familiar with Super Mario games and its coin-collecting run. However, there is one coin that is dubbed the impossible coin that is, well, difficult to collect. But thanks to some tool-assisted run, the impossible has become possible

Final Fantasy IX – A lot of people played the Final Fantasy games but only a few people found out about a cleverly conceal side-quest in the game.

Super Mario Bros. – This is one of the easter eggs that have Mario fans trying for ages. Know that green, sprouting beanstalk that can end up giving you the Game Over? Turns out, there’s a chance that if you completed a certain condition, this beanstalk will give you unlimited 1ups!

Marathon – We could say that this is one of the best easter eggs ever found. An entire level is hidden within the game and you can only access it if you were able to enter one of the dream levels.

So, have you seen these hidden things before or is it the first time you’ve heard about them? I’m sure that it makes you want to bring out your gaming console and start playing these online games again and try to prove this hidden list. Well, Good Luck on your quest! Happy Online Gaming!