Unavoidable Part In Your Life Was Sleep

Often time’s problems are seen in two different ways one being the philosophical way and the other being scientific. It is very difficult to find and understand who wins the arguments because both offer very complex logical reasoning and explanations that hit on the sensibility of every human. One such question is why I am always tired and sleepy? The complexity and versatility of this particular question are enormous and unexplainable is a subjective tense but we will try to answer this question in this article. Let’s look at the philosophical explanation, it is believed that laziness and work less characteristics that control the body and often leads to procrastination which is a very bad habit of following. Elders say life worth of commitments and heart full of desires always work their way to be on the top of the success.always sleepyBut in a complete contrast science offers many reasons why one feels sleepy let us look at few reasons what medical science has to say, it says lack of sleep, eating too little, Anemia, Underactive thyroid, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Sleep Apnoea, Urinary tract infection (UTI), Food Intolerance, Diabetes, Heart related diseases, Depression, Glandular Fever, Caffeine, Lack of Water (H2O), Stress, etc. all are the main reason why a person would sleep. All the above-stated reasons are taken from a very trusted source. Doctors say they are experiencing many patients with this type of problem and are many times a primary concern for parents who wants their kids to be active and healthy.always sleepyNow that we have seen both philosophical and scientific reasons what do you think is the reason that is responsible for the excessive sleep? Well, it’s still complicated to understand let us try to break down bit by bit now in a short way. Doctors claim that improper health habits and extreme laziness are the main reasons for excessive sleep, they also said there will be better improvements if we regulate and work on the daily habits and exercise time to time with a perfect schedule does it all. And also it is very unnecessary to procrastinate things and it also affects you work integrity if you are a working employee, it is at times very irresponsible to be lazy as said by the late Steve Jobs, you should always understand the value of time and never neglect health habits this will sum up our conversation why do I feel sleepy Always?

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