UK’s Cheapest Dental Implants

The United Kingdom may be one of the countries with the highest standard of living. There are high prices for just about everything; food, clothes, houses, and especially health care. So, where is the dental implants UK cheapest at?dental-implants_clip_image002 DSC_1042-1024x6851

Ah yes, dental hygiene and care, one of the most crucial type of hygiene. How important is it, you ask? Well if you have damaged teeth then you can’t really display that award winning smile, you won’t be able to eat properly and people can easily see it. Not only that, but damaged teeth are big factors that contribute to bad breath. No one likes bad breath, not even the ones who have it! How can you talk to other people properly? How can you kiss the person you like? How will you be care free and confident in front of other people?

Dental Implants

Okay, so don’t dental implants with dental pasta and tooth extraction. Dental implants are very different from that, they have the similarities of the sun and the moon. Basically when it comes to dental implants, the dentist creates an artificial tooth root. The tooth root is created and processed in your jaw, the artificial tooth root hold the replacement tooth or the replacement bridge. Dental implants are pretty permanent and they are an option chosen by people who have missing teeth due to accidents, periodontal disease, some form of injury or any other reason that opted for them to get dental implants.

How Costly are Dental Implants?

As you can imagine, performing dental implants is not an easy procedure; if you think braces are costly enough for teeth, think again. Basically if you want ONE dental implant in the United Kingdom, then you need to be ready to spend somewhere from £3,000 to £5,000. You’re eyes are working just fine, you read the right amount, that’s the price for EACH dental implant you want to get.

Where Can I Find the Cheapest?

It makes a lot of sense that you would want to find the clinics that offer the dental implants with the most reasonable price in the UK. Here are some of our suggestions:

Gentle Dental Care

Gentle Dental Care offers great services with exceptional staff. Also, their dental equipments, like x-rays and dental CT scans are up to date. Their exact address is 55 Henver Road, you can even contact them through their website if you have more questions. Of course they offer more dental care than just dental implants, but we’re here to concentrate on the dental implants. I’m going to give you a quick peek at their updated price list below

  • First consultation and intra-oral radiographs £75.00
  • Additional radiographs may include either 3 Dimensional scanning from £150.00 or OPG radiograph (both available at the practice) £45.00
  • Single tooth implant £2200.00
  • Single tooth implant with aesthetic requirements £2705.00
  • 3 unit cement retained bridge following a two stage surgical procedure £4650.00
  • Lower denture retained on 2 implants £3622.00
  • Bone grafting procedure at the time of implant placement £450.00
  • Bone grafting procedure with pin fixation £850.00
  • Ridge preservation grafting procedure following extraction using bone and membrane of animal origin from £450.00
  • Sinus grafting from £450.00

As you can clearly see, the prices and the procedures depend on the case; no two people have the exact same needs when health is involved. But as you noticed, the prices are significantly more reasonable when compared with other dental clinics. You might not find any clinic that’s cheaper than Gentle Dental Care. Give them a try! It’s good to have a million dollar smile!

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