Types of chair covers for party

Your party is incomplete without a proper seating arrangement. Whether it’s a corporate meet or a wedding reception, chairs are indispensable. And party chairs call for amazing chair covers. There are various types of chair covers to choose from. When you go to rent your party chairs from a chair rental Singapore company, make sure the company provides chair covers as well. The post below offers a brief on the major types of chair covers.

Polyester covers

These chair covers are usually made from 180 gsm fabric (read polyester). The polyester covers are always great when you are on tight budget but do not wish to compromise on the looks. However, these covers won’t be suitable for grand parties like wedding receptions.

Satin covers

As the name says, these chair covers are made from satin fabric. Needless to say, satin covers boast the most elegant and classy looks compared to covers mad from other fabric options. You will find them in wide array of colors to choose from. If it’s a daytime event, go with light colors. But if it’s an evening arty, bright satin covers would be awesome.

Spandex covers

Made from 190 gsm fabric (spandex), these chair covers are ideal to create a modern sleek look for your seating arrangement. These are mostly suitable for tear drop banquet chairs. One of the best bits about spandex covers is that these are a breeze to maintain and will retain that crisp look throughout your party.

Chiavari covers

Have you got some amazingly designed chairs that you would love to boast in your party? Well, in that case, you have to look for a chair cover that allows the beauty of the chair to shine through. And this is where the Chiavari covers come to help. These are transparent covers and hence will enable you to flaunt the beauty of your chairs even when they are covered.